COIT 20246 Assignment on Modern Computing Architecture

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2COIT 20246 ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSIONDue date:Thursday Week 11 (2PM AEST)Part:Written AssessmentWeighting:30% of total assessment.Submission:Electronic (see course website for details)InstructionsIt will be necessary to use literature/online resources to complete thisassignment, please ensure you cite and reference any such materials usingthe Harvard format.DO NOTcopy content directly from either the text or Internet resources: thisassignment is to be in your own words.You will lose marks if you do notuse your own words!Please complete your assignment usingthissubmission templatefile,inserting your responses where indicated.DO NOT delete the marking criteria page– changes are permitted to theformatting of other pages including the headers and footers.Please fill in the following details:Student NameStudent Number
3Week 1The text discusses the elements of modern computing architecture however is largely silenton the individuals who played a role in its development. Find and summarise a resource thatdescribesONEsuch individual. The individual should have had a significant influence on thedevelopment of computers and/or components of modern computing architecture.Title and Reference:The limits of Quantum computersAaronson, S., 2008. The limits of quantum computers.Scientific American,298(3), pp.62-69. AccessedAt: limits of Quantum which is written by Scott Aaronson talks about thequantum computers that are an exceptional when it comes to efficiency whenperforming various tasks. This emerging technology may lead to new fundamentalphysical principles. This topic of quantum computing has been the emerging andwidely talked topic in 21stCentury. In quantum computing there is use of thecomputational process that utilizes the quantum mechanical concepts that is totallynew comparison to what is used in the digital computer.I have selected this resource article since it offers completely new conceptsand there has been development in the quantum computing field especially in theArchitecture part and the link associated to the other computing technologies.Additionally, this subject would offer insight on the security aspects and the futuredevelopment in the Quantum computer subject.The main information that has been covered in thisresource is the quantumcomputer systems that seeks to take advantage of the strange rules of the quantumregulations when it comes to processing of the data in numerous ways in which arenot possible to the basic standard computers. Furthermore, this resource emphasizeson how exactly numerous problems could be solves such as factoring the integers.The resource in addition has covered on data for the analysis on the quantumcomputers which surpasses the conventionalcomputers.
4The article has been very useful particularly to me since I will be able to know theexotic alteration especially in the laws of physics that are useful especially inconstruction of the quantum computers.Week 2The text discusses the components and activities of operating systems however is largelysilent on the individuals who played a role in their development. Find and summarise aresource that describesONEsuch individual. The individual should have had a significantinfluence on the writing or development of operating systems.Title and Reference:Linux operating systemMacKinnon, J.G., 1999. V_sX, t'AI.J. Appl. Econ,14, pp.443-452. Accessed At: individual who has written on this article is James Mackinnon. The articleis regarding the Linux operating system. The resources is focused on the Linuxdistribution for Debian GNU. This distribution involves the following; the flash, Javain addition to a few of the widely used without any cost closed source software. In thearticle it clearly expound on the open source software as well as the program wherethe source code is free particularly from the internet. The concentrate of the article ison Debian since it comes with some very useful packages as comparison to the otherdistributions of the Linux. It has been found that this distribution is very suitableespecially for the econometricians. It is non-commercial and there are very manyvolunteer across the globe who are involved in maintain it.The purpose as to why I selected this distribution is because of the fact that itis not for commercial purpose and it is one of the most familiar compared to the otherkind. Additionally, one is able to understand this distribution much easier since thereare many individuals who are solely devoted to make it easier.The main point which are highlighted in this resource are on the features aswell as the merit of the distribution. One of the merit is that it can be much easier to
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