Multiple-Objective Linear Programming (MOLP) Model for Recycling System Optimization


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a. Formulate an multiple-objective linear programming (MOLP) model for this problem in aWord file with a brief description of an equation, and implement the MOLP model in anExcel spreadsheet. There are several factors to consider the in the development of the Multiple objective linearprogram in this scenario as the efficiency and the capacity of the carious centres for the recyclingare different. Thus, the sectors that the trash is collected form and their transport to the variousfacilities play an important role in the cost of the recycling cost, which needs to consider therelative efficiency of the recycling plants. The relative distance also plays role therefore there arethree sets of the variables that needs to be considered in the model. When the efficiency for eachsite is considered then there are four sets of variable to be considered. The use of Benson'salgorithm is the fore applied with all sets of the variables to develop the model for the varioussubgroups of data that is presented in the on the recycled volume and the distance. There theefficiency and the capacity are combines into one single variable in the consideration for the costoptimization of the recycling problems. The solution presented therefore is based on the set of the linear programs that are developed in theversion of the MOLP that considers each one of the following factors.The outcome of the model based on maximizing efficiency of the system. Increases the output of the total volume of the garbage recycles or minimize the transportation cost for the various sector while each centre runts at optimal efficiency. These outputs might be represented in the MOLP objectives.Recycling Site 1 23 4 5Capacity 10715126Recycling Site 12 3 4 5 Efficiency35% 45%25%75% 55%2

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