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1.An Aircrafts engines.

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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1.An Aircrafts engines are turned on and it then accelerates to a reasonably slow speed In order toalign itself to the takeoff area.It then stops and waits for a moment and then accelerates once more toa high speed ,raises its nose to some reasonable degree and takesoff.It then continues to fly up until itreaches some height .The aircraft continues to fly at this height for a little while and then increases itsheight once more.It continues to fly at this new height until it is close to its destination ,at which time itlowers its nose to some reasonable degree and beging the landing process.once it lands the planedeaccelertes to a lower and constant speed and continues at this speed until it decelerates oncemore ,stops and turns of its engine.Refactor the program using notes from lecture in order to support the abovefunctionality.Test yourprogram by running it as described above and by providing reasonable detailed output.2.Sudy the Proxy and Fridge design pattern from the provided course notes.Study thespacebook,openbook and coolbook program and make the appropriate modifications to the coolbookprogram such that a user is able to send his or her friend a virtual gift .such virtual gifts would normallybe in the form of small graphis but in this case let us simplify and make them textual eg. If Tom sendsJudith a ‘heart’ virtual gift then the textual output on Tom’s screen would br;Tom:sent virtual heart.3.In a team of two ,choose five refactoring patterns that was not presented in lecture ,prepare a slideset on these patterns and then present it in class to your peers.propose your chosen patterns to yourinstructor prior to starting your work in order to ensure that every group in the course has chosendifferent patterns .The fifteen minute presentation will ocuur during class time on the week of the dueof this assignment and each presentation will be collectively graded by the lecturer and the studentsenrolled in the class.4.RIG vessel is a planned portable ,small surface vessel by robotics InnovationGroup the vessel will include a global positioning system and an onboard laboratory and will becontrolled using a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet computer.The onboard laboratorywill allow the operator.In addition to controlling the vessel ,to acquire real time data such as watertemperature and quality and see pictures of the underwater.Using the weather monitoring stationexample from lecture we may say that in lieu of the weather data object,we will have a water dataobject as a part of an application for RIGvessel and along the same lines,instead of tracking currentweather conditions ,we will track current weather conditions etc..we may also wish to realize an APIsuch that students may write their own data acquisition displays and use our solution as a pluggablecomponent.Propose an object –oriented solution that contains a water data class and couples ofmobile displays that make use of appropriate design patterns and be supported by an implementationwritten in c#.write XML documentation as part of your implementation and export that documentationin a self contained PDF file5.Continuing with the third task from the previous assignment ,create the scouts case studyentity/relationship model using a database package of your choice and export your schema to an SQLfile .The resulting file should be self contained and have commands to create the database ,tables ANDSOMe test data.
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