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1.SELECT fName,lName FROM conductor order by fname;.

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1.SELECT fName,lName FROM conductor order by fname;2. SELECT concert.title,, concert.ticketPrice, conductor.fnameFROM concert inner join conductor on concert.conductorEmployeeId=conductor.conductorEmployeeId;3. SELECT consertMusician.instrumentId, instrument.instrumentName fromconsertMusician inner join instrument on consertMusician.instrumentId=instrument.instrumentId group by consertMusician.instrumentId order by count(consertMusician.instrumentId)desc limit 1;4. SELECT fName, lName FROM conductor WHERE conductorEmployeeId NOT IN (SELECT musicianEmployeeId FROM consertMusician);5. SELECT conductor.fName, conductor.lName FROM concert inner join consertMusician on concert.conductorEmployeeId=consertMusician.musicianEmployeeId and concert.concertId=consertMusician.consertId inner join conductor on concert.conductorEmployeeId=conductor.conductorEmployeeId;6. SELECT instrument.instrumentName, count(employee.employeeID) as countEmployee from employee inner join instrument on employee.instrumentId=instrument.instrumentId group by employee.instrumentId;7, CREATE VIEW allData AS SELECT AVG(concert.ticketPrice) as avgTicketPrice, COUNT(consertMusician.musicianEmployeeId) as countConcert, musician.fName, musician.lName FROM consertMusician inner join concert on consertMusician.consertId=concert.concertId inner join musician on consertMusician.musicianEmployeeId=musician.musicianEmployeeId GROUP BY consertMusician.musicianEmployeeId HAVING countConcert > 1;

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