Abortion and Crime Rate Analysis


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1ARTICLE REVIEWIntroductionThe article which was written by Robert J. Barro centers on the reduced crime rate in U.S. since1991. This article has given many conclusions from various researchers who demonstratedifferent reason of this fallen crime rate. But the author has mainly focused on the LegalizedAbortion as the focal point of change in crime rate. Many arguments are discussed in the articleswhich are in favor as well as against this point. Summary of ArticleThe article is supporting many points in favor and against the subject of abortion being legalizedin U.S. economy and reduced crime rates due to that. There are various explanations which areup to keeping the point of falling crime rate in U.S. like high expenditure incurred in U.S. onpolice and prisons; Strategies formulated, the economy being strongly structured and the reducedactivities related to crack cocaine. These points are contradicted by some researchers who haveconcluded with facts and figures stating that in the districts of Columbia and Los Angeles thecrime rate has fallen significantly which are not known for the skills and policies. Also, theeconomy was performing well with national crime rate at its peak between 1983 and 1989. Incontrary to this study, the two renowned professors of University of Chicago and Stanford hadestablished a causal relationship between Legalized Abortion and Crime rate by supporting theirtheory using three evidences-firstly, they showed that the year in which abortion was legalizedand the year from which the crime rate started falling were close to each other. Secondly, inCalifornia and New York, abortion was legalized in 1970 which was three years before U.S. in1973 (Belloni, et al., 2014). Therefore countries who legalized early experienced faster andsooner fall in the crime rate. Thirdly, they proved that 20% of the drop in abortion was because
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