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BUSINESS ETHICS[Document subtitle]
1Mandatory use of Condoms in PornIntroductionThe adult industry requires the regulations for the porn stars in order to use the hedge methodslike condoms to preclude the transmission of various sexually transmitted diseases and theinfections. It has been researching that if such regulation passes then also the adult industry willnot follow and implement them because of the profit maximization. Further, according to thepeople of adult industry, the regulation will not only make the usage of the condoms necessarybut would also make it incumbent for the performers in order to wear the goggles and the masksfor face while shooting the scenes. Furthermore, according to the OSHA (occupational healthand safety) and the AHF ( the foundation of AIDS healthcare), the regulations will safeguard theperformers by getting the fluids of the body into the eyes and the face.The usage of condoms in the adult industry is one the most controversial subject from the pastseveral years. Moreover, it is being observed that the porn stars who use condoms morefrequently are condemned and the blacklisted by the remaining industry. Further, the report willhelp in understanding the issue of business ethics at stake, and how the ethical dilemma can besolved and the proposed solution will be criticized and defended by using various ethicaltheories.
2DiscussionEthical IssueIt has been observed that there is an ethical issue at stake by using the condom in the adultindustry. Further, the ethical issue that the legislators, consumers and the executives continue torejoice the revenue of tax, profits and the gratification from the porn films without even ensuringthe protection of the performers. The industries do not want to follow the regulation of usingcondom, goggles and the face masks for the safety of the performers from the fluids of the bodyas they are mainly interested that this will make the video unprofitable and unpalatable as this isthe biggest aspect of fantasy in order to sell the entertainment("Breaking News and Opinion onThe Huffington Post", 2016). The directors of the adult industry are only concerned withmaximizing the profitability despite the safety of the performers from the sexually transmitteddiseases and even if the performs use the condom they are blacklisted from the industry.Ethical Dilemma can be ResolvedIt is being observed that it is very important to resolve the ethical dilemma at stake in order tosafeguard the performers of adult industry from the sexually transmitted diseases. Further, thenormative ethical theories are being used in order to solve the dilemma (Greenwood, M. 2013).Firstly, Utilitarian theory as theUtilitarianism is the unique view which helps in determining thatwhat is right and what is wrong by the benefit of cost analysis. Further, this theory helps inunderstanding that we should consider all the consequences whether they are good or bad whiledeciding that the action is correct or wrong.
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