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Inquiry Based Learning Anna Ross

Added on - 25 Jan 2022

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Inquiry Based Learning
Anna Ross
Tutor: Dr Nisar Aziz
-The challenges of Ross Store-
In this Inquiry Project about fashion retailer where I would like to present Ross Store
SWOT, PESTLE, primary and secondary research with explanation. Also I would like
to show you how pandemic of COVID-19
Ross Store is an American fashion retailer with headquarters in Dublin, California. Is
one of the biggest low-price retailers in the United State of America. Ross Store
CEO (Chief Executive officer) is Barbara Rentler, Executive Chairman K. Gunner
Ross Store is a retailer with clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewellery, beauty
products, toys, and house wear.
Ross oversees 1483 stores in 37 United State states and they employee over 88,100
employees according to 2019 statistics. Ross Store was first opened in 1950 in San
Bruno, California by Morris Ross.
Ross Store strength is overlooking over 55,000 employees, they are specifying in
clothing, footwear, toys, furniture, bedding, jewellery, beauty products and house
wear. Also, they are offering personal customized Gift Cards and deep discount for
clothes and furniture’s. But where is a strength there must be a weakness. One of
them is Covid-19 pandemic which may impact credit rating if additional debt will be
taken. Lack of full national coverage across the Unites State. Intense competition
which means there is limited market share and low brand loyalty.
With strength and weakness there is opportunities where Ross Store use by putting
up the latest fashion for auction, online retailer which is an easy way to increase
sales of items produced in bulk.
Ross Stores threats like Zara can change the product on display as fast as Ross,
other supermarkets also have garments for sale, fake products of major brands
attract young customers.
In political way Ross Store face changes to a taxes and trades Policies, risk of
military invasion, mandatory employee benefits, legal frame of contract enforcement
and impact of Unites States Chin trade war on sources.
Economical impact of changing disposable income of consumers due to economic
slowdown, unemployment, economic growth, exchange rate and stability of host
country currency, labour cost and productivity in the economy.
Socially Ross Store is focusing mostly on female shopper segment. Doing ‘’Treasure
hunt’’ it helps to drive traffic, leisure interest, attitude (health, environmental
consciousness, etc.), class structure, hierarchy, and power structure in the society.
Ross Store is using technology for inventory track, data driven customer targeting,
rate on technological diffusion.
Legally Ross Store facing Health and Safety Law, data protection, discrimination law,
issues related to quality, safety and authenticity of products being sold.
Practising sustainable internal operations, climate change, recycling, endangered
species, attitude towards ‘’green’’ or ecological products are Environmental factors.
Like every other fashion retailer Ross Store have its own competitors and brands.
Manor competitors for Ross Store are TJX, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Burlington, Dillard’s,
Target, PVH, 99 cents only, Walmart. Major competitors are Ross Dress for Less.
Inc., Ross Procurement, Inc., Ross Merchandise, Inc., Retail Assurance Group Ltd.
Please see attached short video about Ross Store competitors.
Primary research - Questionnaire and results.
By creating this questionnaire whit 5 simple questions, where I asked group people
about how satisfied or dissatisfied, they were with Ross Store.
After all data has been collected it was presented on the Gantt Chart below.
1.How satisfied were you with your visit today?
2.How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the service?
3.Were you satisfied or dissatisfied with the layout of the shop?
4.Will you recommend our shop to family or friend?
5.Overall, how satisfied, or dissatisfied are you with our company?
a.Very Dissatisfied
b.Moderately Dissatisfied
c.Slightly Dissatisfied
e.Slightly Satisfied
f.Moderately Satisfied
g.Very Satisfied
Gantt Chart
Very DissatisfiedModerately DissatisfiedSlightly Dissatisfied
NeutralSlightly SatisfiedModerately Satisfied
Very Satisfied
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