Leighton v. Mary Dean (1880) - A Case of Murder


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LEIGHTON V. MARY DEAN(1880)Academic Writing

1Mary Dean was reported to be married women who got married at the age of 17. But she had lefther husband, and after leaving him, she was supposed to be living an evil course of life. She usedto live in a house in West Twenty-sixth-street. It was alleged that Leighton was her paramour. Hehad also mentioned it in his letter that he used to visit the Twenty-sixth-street on a daily basis.Mrs. Louisa Hill was an elderly colored lady who used to live in the basement of the house inwest twenty-sixth-street. She knew both Mary Dean and Leighton as he used to visit thereregularly. It was reported that later on, he had occupied a room which was just adjoining her room on thefirst floor of a house in West Twenty-sixth-street. But prior to June 13, one day Leighton had leftthe house. It was told that he and Mary Dean has a fight and due to which he decided to leave thehouse. It was told by the witness of the case, Mrs. Louisa Hill, that on the same night when hehad left the house, he had attempted to get through the basement door. But Mrs. Louisa stoppedhim from entering and asked him to get in through the main front door of the house. She thenwent to Mary, and she told her that Leighton was outside and wants to enter. He then attemptedto enter into Mary’s room. But she had refused to allow him to enter. He said that he wanted tohave his coat which he had left there. Mary refused to give any coat and asked him to go away.But he kept on insisting to enter. But she finally refuses to say that she will call the policemanand just walked out on the sidewalk. Mrs. Louisa Hill observed that while she went on asidewalk, she again had a quarrel with Leighton. And she saw that at the end of the quarrel,Leighton got angry and had cut the left side of her neck with a razor. She told the court that afterLeighton had cut her neck, Mary Dean came to Mrs. Louisa's room where she sat on the bed. Aman in the room at that time rushed and got a tureen which was filled with water. Mary then

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