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1Maker of smartphone surveillance app fined, avoids jail timeThe unethical issue of surveillance app was highlighted when the chief executive of the companyof smartphone app, Hammad Akbar got arrested in the US and was presented in the US districtcourt for the district of Virginia. He was arrested as he broke the law of US and he was kept injail for ten days, he advertised the selling of Stealth Genie app. This app was developed in orderto snag the betrayed lovers by tracing their locations and hearing their phone calls. Akbar saidthat he developed the surveillance app in order to reduce the crime rate. It is also the way theparents will know where their children are. And this will also help the couples to snag theirspouses who are cheating on them. He also stated that he didn’t know he was breaking any law;otherwise, he would not have done this unethical activity. Further, the court stated that in 2011,thousands of people's activities were monitored and they were traced by unknown people. Akbardidn't get imprisoned more than ten days and soon he was released and was fined to pay$US500,000 because of his offense.The court also stated that Akbar will be taken to the airport inorder to leave the country by the agents of FBI immediately after he pay the amount which wasfined on him as he committed offense("Stealth Genie Surveillance App Maker Avoids Jail,"2016).In terms of ITC professionalism, the above demonstrates the problem of security and privacy. Asanyone can track the location and can easily listen to the conversation of their near ones byactivating the microphone only with the help of Stealth Genie app. This has increased thenumber of crimes as people were getting traced. But the intentions of Akbar were not wrong.Therefore, with this discrepancy of attitudes, a battle of moral and legal was sued among theentities and an argument was commenced in order to draw the moral lines because the issue was
2related to security and privacy. In this case, Akbar made a decision of advertising the app inorder to help the people and took a stand for them, but the decision was morally wrong becausecompromising with their security and privacy was not right and was treated as an offence. Apartfrom the case, the protection of a person's privacy is always an important topic. From the moralpoint of view, this case has inspired a debate related to issues where frequent requests have beenmade that the law agencies could have some implications regarding the privacy and security ofpeople. There was another case where thewhistleblower who was working with NSAhighlighted the matter of surveillance overreach. This led an outcry in the public about theirprivacy and security, and they demanded that there should be a strict law in order to safeguardthem and privacy red lines should lay down for them (Kerven, D & Meso, P. (2016).This case is seen as the "deontology” point of view. It is an area of psychology which isinterested in the roles and duties of an individual and he/she should act accordingly withoutthinking about the results which may arise by their act (Balestrieri, P. (2009). The CEO of thecompany didn’t think that what will happen with the security and privacy of people byadvertising Stealth Genie app. He thought that this could reduce the number of crimes but hedidn’t know that he is playing with the privacy and security of the people. The loophole whichwas created unintentionally could make the usage more vulnerable and that could have exploitedbadly as it was misused by people to some extent. The CEO of the company believed that his appwas legal, but it was not. If such vulnerabilities are not authorized by the government, then thecompanies will keep on developing such surveillance app and other things in order to misuse theprivacy and security of the public. Form the case it has been analyzed that there is nothing like asecure system. The CEO of the company, Akbar, got released in just 10 days after he wasarrested and was charged to pay a fine for his crime and was ordered to leave the country. It is
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