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Running Head- ReflectionReflection
1Personal ReflectionIntroductionIn this paper, effective communication for developing the therapeutic relationship usingnonverbal and verbal communication skills, and person-centered care has been detailed. Thispaper will highlight how nurses will use verbal and non-verbal communication skill, person-centered care and effective documentation in a way to provide effective nursing services. Inorder to complete this assignment, Bruce O Grady scenario has been analyzed.Bruce O GradyHe is patient who is a 65-year-old living in Leafy Avenue, Broad fields. Recently he hasseparated with his wife. Currently, Bruce is suffering from a cold and chesty cough. He uses tomanage all the homely affairs after his separation from his wife. He uses to look after his twochildren. He uses to help his children in their daily routine and study. But he not good at thekitchen. He uses to buy the dinner and lunch from the market. He is fond of smoking anddrinking. Every evening he uses to go for an evening walk with his children Lily and Ben.During summers he used to carry his children fishing. He never uses hats and sunburn whichcause him sunburn. He is in need of nurse who should take care of his and his children. As nowhe is not feeling well and not very active.Effective Verbal and Non-verbal CommunicationEffective communication skills play a vital role in resolving the issues and in providing theservices in the best manner (O'hagan et al., 2014). Here in case of Bruce effective verbal andnon-verbal commination skills of nurses may ensure in providing effective services. The nurseshould try to communicate about the danger and harm of drinking excessive wine and smoking
2Personal Reflectioncigarettes. Through verbally nurse should try to make the Bruce aware of the social as well as thebiological harm of cigarettes. The nurse should use their posture and gesture as a sign of Stop orabdicate when Bruce tries to smoke or drink. Through their facial expression and eyes, theyshould make Bruce that smoking is dangerous and harmful.In the same way, a nurse should guide him in taking healthy food. A nurse should properlycommunicate that eating McDonald's and other restaurant food daily will affect the healthcondition. Through providing Bruce the proper chart of diet and meal nurse can improve thehealth status of the Bruce.Effective verbal and non- verbal communication is very important as it will lead to providing thenursing services in an effective manner (Arnold et al., 2015). Effective nursing service will makethe patient and client delighted (Nakate et al., 2015).Patient-centered careA nurse should try to understand the family and cultural background of the patient as it willmake nurse perform their services in an effective manner (Kourkouta et al., 2014). Here in caseof Bruce nurse should try to understand the family situation as well as the cultural aspect of theBruce because it will guide the nurse in understanding the real situation as it will enable thenurse to provide the best service according to the Bruce requirement. As here, in this case, Bruceneed proper counseling related to how to avoid Smoking and Drinking. He needs counseling in away to use hats and sunblock cream to avoid sunburned. Here Bruce also needs someone whomay look after his children so for this nurse should ensure that she will take care of his childrenin a good manner. Bruce is also facing problem-related to food as he not good at cooking sousually he uses to buy dinner and lunch from McDonald's which is not good for his health for a
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