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2 points). Kayak Adventures gives its customers a uniqu

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(2 points)Kayak Adventures gives its customers a unique opportunity to book a kayak trip with an instructor at thelocation of his/her choice. Use the table with the sample data below and the following business rules tobuild a database for the company.1.Break the table into multiple tables, so that the database is in 3NF. You may need to add newfields.2.Identify the tables with PKs and FKs.TRIP_NAMEDIFFICULTYMAPRIVERTRIP_DATECUST_LNAMECUST_FNAMEEXPERTISEINSTRUCTORINSTR_EXP_YEARSWild WaterAdventure2(Intermediate)wva.bmpOhio5/14/15AdamsNicole2 (Intermediate)Jackson12Wild WaterAdventure2(Intermediate)wva.bmpOhio5/20/15AllenJames3 (Advanced)Moore15Red RockRapids1 (Easy)rrr.bmpAllegheny5/22/15AdamsNicole2 (Intermediate)Simmons13Clearwater3 (Difficult)c.bmpOhio5/25/15MarksAmy4 (Expert)Moore15Clearwater3 (Difficult)c.bmpOhio5/25/15AlexanderEric3 (Advanced)Jackson12Clearwater3 (Difficult)c.bmpOhio5/30/15AllenJames3 (Advanced)Jackson12Red RockRapids1 (Easy)rrr.bmpAllegheny6/1/16DobbinsBrenda1 (Beginner)Simmons13Business Rules:The company sells multiple trips. Each customer can book many trips, and each trip can bebooked by many customers.The same customer can book only one trip on one day.Each booked trip has only one instructor. Each instructor can accompany many booked trips.Each river can be the base for many trips, but each trip is based only on one river.There are four possible levels of difficulty of the trips: 1 (Easy), 2 (Intermediate), 3 (Difficult), and4 (Insane).There are four possible levels of customer expertize: 1 (Beginner), 2 (Intermediate), 3(Advanced), and 4 (Expert)
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