Reflection Report on Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cloud Computing

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Running Head: REFLECTIVE REPORTReflective Report
2REFLECTIVE REPORTIntroductionThis reflection report defines that there are different advantages and disadvantages of usingcloud computing in companies and business unit. This self-reflection is clearly defined about thelearning which I got while attaining the research objectives and attaining the expectedconclusion. The advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing in the business arebeing determined. I also gained my learning experience regarding several sources from whichdata can be gathered for the research. It also evaluates that data is analyzed by using differentmethods and also exemplifies the different techniques to obtain the desired outcome1.Evaluate the effectiveness and your usefulness of the learning experienceThis research is beneficial to assess the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing inbusiness. I learned that cloud computing is used to provide a business solution in which companyis ready to adopt it for accomplishing their objectives and get success. I also gained myunderstanding that cloud computing is a real technology which is exercised in present scenariofor starting the doors for the upcoming era. In addition, I observed that depth understandingabout cloud computing can be supportive for me to make my future in the computer sector. Atthe same time, It can also be evaluated that knowledge about research methodology can supportto gain my conceptual understanding in depth. It will help to make an effective research infuture2.1Agarwal, P. (2013). Cloud computing and energy efficiency cloud an alternative to greencomputing.International Journal of Science and Research,2(11), 294-296.2Bhisikar, P., & Sahu, A. (2013). Security in data storage and transmission in cloudcomputing.International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science andSoftware Engineering,3(3).
3REFLECTIVE REPORTExplain how this learning process will be useful to youI did many activities in task 1 and task 2. In the assignment 2 some activities that I learned suchas research hypothesis, research aims and objectives, research questions, research methodology,research limitation, and time schedule. In addition, I analyzed that research question can be pre-assumption to complete the research objectives. In addition, I observed that the development ofhypothesis can also be imperative for obtaining the positive result about research issue. Iimproved my learning experience in various manners as I can implement this understanding andperception into future. I also developed my understanding regarding benefits of cloud computing.In this way, I learned that cloud computing is effective for the corporation as it facilitatesworkforces to obtain access the function and agenda of downloading software. As a result, I amcompetent to use cloud computing in my organization which would be beneficial to enhance mypersonal as well as professional life. This research is also significant for me as it has developeddifferent advantages of cloud computing like capital expenditure fees, flexibility, security, workfrom anywhere, document control, competitiveness and environmentally friendly3. This learningexperience was effective to implement the cloud computing strategy in further research. Inaddition to this, I also created my understanding about the data collection method such asprimary and secondary collection method. I learned that primary data collection method can beeffective to collect the fresh information regarding research dilemma. I also created myknowledge about the sources of primary data collection method such as observation method,3Faisal, M., Madeswaran, T. S., & Gupta, S. (2015). Emphasizing Big Data Engineeringand Software Architecture on Cloud Computing.IJCSIT) International Journal ofComputer Science and Information Technologies,6(3), 2852-2855.
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