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REFLECTIVE WRITING[Document subtitle]
1IntroductionThis paper will help in discussing the reflection on the personal experience which is relevant tomanaging and developing people. Further, the analysis of the experience will be done dependingon the leadership theories and the models. Then the conclusion has been made relying on theanalysis.It has been stated that the managing and the developing people are called as the leadership that isbeing demonstrated as the procedure for persuading the organization's employees in order toachieve the individual, group and the organizational goals in a specific period of time.Furthermore, the employees are persuaded by the type of leadership which encourages them inorder to work to achieve the vision and the mission of the company. It is being observed that theleader positively helps in accomplishing the objectives and the goals of the organization byefficiently and effectively managing and developing the personnel.Discussion and AnalysisWhen I was in the 1styear of my graduation, I worked in the watch factory of Great Britain forthe period of three months during the time of summer break to gain some experience. At theworkplace, I was mainly responsible in order to train the new employee, providing the support ofinformation technology and being the administrator of the human resource. During that period ofthree months, I faced various difficulties in order to cooperate with my colleagues. Firstly, it wasvery challenging for me in order to reach an accord with the new employees and even with theseniors because of various reasons like different opinions. Further, this was specifically related tothe relationship and the role of the company. Secondly, when the decisions were made, and theemployees were told their job, they were not actually performing in a way which was being toldand as a result chaos occurred most of the times. Thirdly, the decisions were only made by the
2managers, and the employees were not supposed to give any suggestions, and the decisions wereimposed on them even the employees are not motivated to perform effectively and efficiently.The management of the organization was very authoritative. Lastly, new employees were afraidto give their suggestions even if they know the company will be able to maximize profitabilitybecause of their suggestions.Furthermore, the directions were only given by the managers. For example, the new system mustwork effectively and offer a correct and the clear report in a short period of time, and my jobresponsibility was to fulfil the requirements. Also, my responsibility was to conduct interviewswith the new staff or who were willing to work with the organization. I was supposed to find theright person for the right position so that the organization can achieve the desired goals. Even Iwas supposed to make sure that the new employees are working productively or not by reducingthe calculating mistakes of the system.I had to ensure that the employees are appropriately familiar with the systems of operation toavoid the gaps and the overlaps in the positions of the company. My target was to clarify the jobresponsibility of the worker in distinct positions, and as a result, the work was delayed becausethe responsibilities were not clear adequately to the employees as the duties were only imposedon them. Moreover, I was supposed to communicate with the engineer and attempted to achievethe manager’s requirement. Also, I was supposed to point out the errors of the system whichoccurred during the performance of the task and informed the company in order to fix it up.I found it very challenging in order to accomplish the manager’s requirements. For example,there were various reports which were required by the manager in order to overlook the processof the production and the situation of the finances. Most of the systems of the organizations werenot flexible and sometimes they were not able to give productive results then in that case I was
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