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Virtual Private Network and Wireless Network Assignment

Added on -2019-09-20

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RESEARCH PROPOSALSetting up a Virtual Private Network in Campus Environment usingUniversity Wireless Network
1IntroductionIn this paper being an individual, I will be analyzing the setting up of a Virtual Private Networkin a campus environment with the help of University wireless Network. Different models ofhardware base and operating system which can be installed are compared in this paper. Variousissues which are seen over video and audio can be related to Security, QoS; circuit switchedvulnerabilities of technology, Vulnerability of audio technologyThe Research QuestionThis paper will focus on comparing the various kinds of hardware base and operating systemrelated to university wireless network in order to choose the best technology which can providesatisfactory services. Therefore the research question will be which technology uses the leastmemory and CPU while implementing Virtual Private Network.Objectives of the StudyThe users can have a reliable and secured communication in between themselves and can alsoshare their data inside the campus walls safely. Nowadays, the network virtually created isconsidered as the most authentic solution for security to communicate and share files over all theNetworks of Internet Protocol. Also, it can connect you directly to a network of campus,allowing their access to the network resources which are restricted.Literature Review It has been suggested by the researchers that the technology of VPN transmits the data betweendevices in a secured manner. The successful implementation of VPN has been observed inwireless networks while using the internet as a medium. After observing the success of the use ofVPN in Networks which are wired and after the implications of insecurity pointed towardsnetworks which are wireless. It has engaged administrators and developers to utilize it in the caseof networks which are wireless (Appavoo, et al., 2008).In one of the paper, it is properly taken care of whether the Passwords and Username or acertificate can take the form of Security Credentials. Instead, the VPN client gets equipped withan awareness of the restricted Information related to the Credentials. Secondly, it was clearly
2defined that the security which ensures authorization allows the client of VPN to draw aconnection with VPN and a set of constraints by the connection are also provided like idletimeout, the maximum time of connection, required a method of authentication, etc. The data issent to VPN server and VPN client by encrypting the data using the algorithm encryption and byusing the key which is confidential and known only to the server and client of VPN. This wasalso observed in research that how a private intranet and the server gets exposed to the attack(Asati et al., 2014). The internet based attacker floods the server of VPN with many packets, andthey access the intranet as a router by using the intranet. To deal with these types of attacks, theVPN server's interface of the internet is dealt with a number of IP packet filters that allows onlyVPN traffic. This may also ensure that rejection of Service attacks and hacking of internet do nottouch the normal course of operations. In the research that was conducted in 2010, it wasjustified that in order to allow a connection to be accepted, the attempt should be authorized andauthenticated by use of credentials which are valid (Border et al., 2015). This Evaluation can be cited with the help of an Example- When the permanent employeesmonitor the use of information by part-time employees or contractors. Secondly when on theprotected network, the information can be accessed by the members of Human Resources only.In both these cases, the attempt to connect is denied. According to K. Maly’s research that wasconducted in 2011, it was comprehended that through VPN, the user accessed the network, but itdoes not mean that every resource should be accessed on the network from the anywherelocation. In order to access the remote connections, a set of IP packet filters is applied either perperson or in a group. The various kinds of IP traffic can be defined which are coming through theClient of VPN, when the connection is allowed to be accessed (Jain, R. and Paul, S., 2013). To communicate inside the organization, the internet has become the most commonly usedchannel. Therefore in order to provide the efficient and secured delivery of data, theinfrastructure of IT has accepted the challenge to provide for the same. A Virtual PrivateNetwork (VPN) is a Network which is privately held to transfer the data and uses the publiclyheld infrastructure of telecommunication. It sustains confidentiality by using security procedureand a tunneling protocol. The main intention to use VPN is to provide a connection between theorganization and its stakeholders that are well secured and encrypted. A VPN operates by

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