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Running head- Scientific Management Theory Scientific ManagementTheory
1Scientific Management TheoryAssignment 1st – Theories and Concept in Leadership and Management Week one: Fredrick W. Taylor, an inventor, and engineer introduced the theory of the scientific management. The focus of the scientific management theory is on improving the efficiency of the organization through systematically enhancing the efficiency of the task with the help of engineering, mathematical as well as scientific analysis. The goal of this theory is to enhance the methods as well as process of the production and reduce the waste. It also focuses on serving the common interests of the employees, employers as well as the society (Waring, 2016). According to this theory, people are being motivated by money. The theory also states that there should be the separation between the employees and employers or between the workers and managers. The application of the scientific management theory may help in increasing the productivity of the employees as well as the profitability of the organization. The theory aims at increasing the efficiency of the organization with the help of the most efficient approaches for completing a task. There are several routines in health care which seem to be inefficient such as staffing. Staffing is one of the routines in health care which is inefficient in several health cares. The guidelines for staffing are generally introduced as the patient to nurse ratio without considering acuity. In order to improve the efficiency of staffing, the UW system has introduced a tool which is based on the skill of the employees as well as acuity. The tool is known as Management and Education Services for Healthcare. Apart from staffing, communication is also one of the routines which are inefficient in several health cares. Communication is very important in order to carry all the things effectively and efficiently. If the efficiency, as well as the effectiveness of the communication, would be low,

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