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Technology makes us capable of things that were previously impossible, such as rapidtravel by car or aircraft, or sending messages around the world in an instant. But oftentechnology also changes the way we do those things we’re already capable of. The use ofremotely controlled aerial drones has come to change the rules of the game from the difficultstage to the easy stage.Drones will need to likewise turn out to be extensively more solid to have the capacity toexplore urban areas. At the point when most urban areas are portrayed by genuinely swarmedwalkways, electrical cables structures, and natural life, there is no space for blunder.“A drone isa flying robot which wasformally known as unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned aircraftsystems.” The unmanned aerial vehicles are either remotely or can fly autonomously throughsoftware controlled flight plans.Drones are equipped with different state of the art technologysuch as infra -red cameras, GPS and laser, which comes in a wide variety of sizes, with the largedrone mostly used for military purposes such as the Predator drone, other smaller drones whichcan be launched by hand, to other unmanned aircraft vehicles which require short runways. Anunmanned aerial vehicle system has two parts, the drone itself and the control system.The history of a drone technology started in the 1849 when the Austrians used balloons tobomb the city of Venicelocatedin northeasternItaly. This was considered as the first drone orunmanned aerial vehicles.
This balloon was built with full explosives with the idea to release the explosives once theballoons past through the city of Venice, becauseat that time the build of city would not allowartillery to get close. Although they were able to hit their target, more the balloons were alsoblown off due to the heavy wind. However, with the invention of the airplane, the wind was nolonger a factor in usingunmanned aerial vehicles.Balloons would also become an important weapon in the First World War, being used forobservation and, in the form of barrage balloons, for anti-aircraft defense. In the years after theGreat War, although sport ballooning declined, spectacular balloons would be built for daringflights into the stratosphere. In World War II, barrage balloons would again play a significantrole, with both the British and the Japanese using balloons for offensive operations as well.
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