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Wireless Power Transfer: Impact on Social, Cultural, Political, Economic and Environmental Aspects

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This article analyzes the impact of wireless power transfer on social, cultural, political, economic and environmental aspects. It discusses how wireless technology has improved communication between family, work, and friends, and how it has become an essential part of higher education. It also talks about how wireless power transmission is being integrated into the military and medical field, and how it will make electrical power as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi. The article also highlights the economic and environmental benefits of wireless power transfer.
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IntroductionWireless technology has become an increasingly crucial part of today's world. It is a booming business that is finding far reaching benefits on a global level. From health care and retail to academia across the world, wireless systems are improving the rate and ease with which data is sent and received. Corporations, schools, homes, and cafes are implementing wireless solutions as individual organizations and users seek more freedom and constant access. Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) is the latest buzzword to capture the market in our individual quest for access anywhere at any time. Wi-Fi was first released for consumers in 1997, when a committee called 802.11 was created. Wi-Fi is easy to install, simple to use and economical too. In the last ten years Wi-Fi Access Points are now set up at homes, offices, colleges, schools,coffee-shops, airports, hotels, and in public hotspots, givingconvenient internet accessto everything from laptops to smartphones.The use of Wi-Fi today is summed up nicely by Rethink Wireless that is, Wi-Fi performance continues to improve and it’s one of the most wireless communications technologies in use today. It’s clear that Wi-Fi is no longer a one-way street technology, it has become an essential part of our personal and professional day-to-day, and is constantly improving our efficiency, our communication, and is persistently encourages the technology industry to push boundaries. According to (2005), wireless "refers to communications, monitoring or control systems in which electromagnetic or acoustic waves carry a signal through atmospheric space rather than along a wire". In short, wireless access is a means in which one can connect to a Wireless Access Point or Wi-Fi spot without needing physical access.
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SOCIALWireless technology has serve an impacts of our social media lives by improving our communication between family, work, and friends. In this 21 century the world is filled up with more portable electric devices in our homes, vehicles, jobs, school and many more. More organizations are now in a race to develop a way to supply wireless power to portable device. The purpose is to not only make wireless power transmission more convenient by eliminating theneed for cords and wires, but also more reliable for the consumer. With the help of wireless technology individuals, and companies can assess their internet anywhere even when there is no electricity. With help of wireless power technology all of the wires will be eliminated that we used and safer to use power in our homes. Wireless power will also be increasing the safety of powering devices by “eliminating the sparking hazard associated with conductive interconnections, and by making them watertight and explosion proof by eliminating connector headers and wires that run through roofs, walls or other barriers when using medical devices, such as skin tissue.”[ CITATION DrM13 \l 1033 ].The CEO of Viacom/Blockbuster was once quoted for saying, “The information superhighway is a dirt road that won’t be paved over until 2025” (The Freeman Institute). Obviously, this was an erroneous quote. The information age is currently at its peak. The use of technology and the Internet are an essential part of higher education. In the past few years, colleges have begun providinglaptopsto all students. A few colleges have even developed programs that usewirelessnetworktechnologyto access the Internet from anywhere on their campuses. Giving students a laptop and a wireless network card has increased the learning possibilities at schools nationwide. This is a very recent idea being practiced by hundreds of colleges around the United States.
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