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IntroductionThe case is related to the unprofessional conduct of the Psychology Board of Australia vColeman [2012] VCAT 1768, in which the experienced psychologist who was part of theregional Victoria have violated the codes and conducts of the Health Practitioner RegulationNational Law (Victoria) Act 2009 and Health Professions Registration Act 2005.Summarize the CaseThe case pertains to experienced psychologist in the regional Victoria who have violated theunprofessional conduct of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (Victoria) Act 2009along with the violation of the Health Professions Registration Act 2005 who have wrongfullyemployed the former patient within the clinic premises for the 18 months following which thepsychologist than terminated the clinical relationship. It was discovered by the VCAT that therewere unintentional C’s motives which were pretty altruistic in nature but later on found out thatshe had "little knowledge with respect to the ethical responsibilities along with theunprofessional behavior related to the no knowledge of the codes and the recent guidelines withregards to the multiple relationships"; It was then on the basis of the unilaterally terminatingwhile doing a patient’s treatment, following which there was a failure in relation to the advancednotice with regards to the proper procedure of the termination; along with wrongfully proceedingto alter the patient records.It was during the termination of the relationship that the C psychologist then proceeded to referand alter the notes as provided from the last consultation along with modifying them withoutadvanced notice in order to show that there had been no further appointments with regards to thepatient case. By definition the professionalism means a medicalprofessionalismin which there
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