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2.2 DESIGN DEVELOPMENT PHASEThe design development phase is an extension of the schematic designstage. During the schematic design stage, after the drawings get the approvalby the architect. Then, I received feedback from my supervisor and asked toproduce a number of drawings representing different optional design for theproject and one of these drawings was chosen. During the designdevelopment phase, these preliminary drawings are elaborated and enhancedwith the goal of creating a final design for the project.After a few optional drawings are done and some changes made to the designafter the critic session with my supervisor. These changes will slightly changethe construction cost during the design development stage. While there istypically a preliminary cost assessment produced during the schematic designprocess, this cost analysis will be updated to consolidate any changes madeto the schematic as well as the finalized materials chosen for the project.During the design development stage, I was given an opportunity toaccompany the architect to consult with an engineer, En IsamrisaudinMohamed, who will analyze the project to ensure that engineering principlesare correctly applied. While the schematic design provides a basic outline ofthe project, during this stage the details of the project will be developed. Thisincludes any electrical, air conditioning systems, and plumbing. During thisphase, I studied the material and appliance brochures for the selection ofmaterials on both the interior and exterior of the building, as well as selectionof the appliances and fixtures that will be present in the final product.Typically, the design development phase concludes with a three-dimensionalrendering of the building design that I made through imaging technology usingthe SketchUp software and Vray rendering, that will allow me to visualize whatthe finished product will look like.
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