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GUIDELINES FOR COMPLETIONThere are six sections to this reflective log. Please follow the guidelines below and complete all of the sectionscarefully and accurately, and submit it as coursework via the Assessment link on the 252PY Moodle webpage.SECTION 1: WORK EXPERIENCE DECLARATIONThe whole of this section should be approximately 100 words. If you took out more than one work experience,provide information relating to the main provider in the first five rows of the table – there is a row underneath forincluding details for additional work experience. Make sure you insert your total number of hours.SECTION 2: RECORD OF HOURS & ACTIVITIESThe whole of this section should be approximately 300 words. You should complete the table in this section and yourwork experience providerMUSTsign at the bottom of the table to verify your hours.If they are unable to sign it forany reason, theyMUSTemail the module leader to confirm your total hours. If there are not enough rows in thetable, simply copy and paste in additional rows, but retain the last row for your supervisor’s signature.SECTION 3: REFLECTIVE PRACTICEThe whole of this section should be approximately 900 words. Below are important transferable skills that youshould be aiming to develop during your work experience. You should report your skill development in relation to asmany of these skills as you can (ideally 5).Briefly describe an event, your interpretation of it, how you developed thisskill and how you will use it in the future. Briefly refer to any relevant theory and research to help your reflection.1. PersonalDevelopmentYou should demonstrate that you are keen to learn and progress, and willing to take onnew challenges. Personal development is about evaluating your own performance andrecognising your personal strengths and weaknesses.2. PersonalMotivation,Organisation andTime ManagementAs well as being able to work effectively in a group situation, you are likely to be requiredto work alone so you should show that you are motivated, that you can take responsibilityfor your work and that you can work effectively by being organised and managing yourtime.3. Team WorkIn many jobs you will be expected to work as part of a group or team.You should showyour ability to work with others and ‘fit in’, offering a valuable contribution to a group orteam.4. VerbalCommunicationStrong verbal communication skills are essential to almost any job.You need to show thatyou can communicate information and ideas clearly and effectively in a variety ofsituations and to a variety of audiences.5. WrittenCommunicationMany job roles will require an element of writing skills.You may be required to adapt yourwriting style frequently because you are writing for different reasons, and for differentaudiences.2
6. Research andAnalytical SkillsIt may be appropriate to demonstrate your ability to research, analyse and criticallyevaluate information.There could be a variety of complex information that you arerequired to work with and make sense of.7. Numeracy SkillsYou may not be applying for a job or pursuing a career in mathematics or statistics but it islikely that some basic understanding of numeracy will be useful.8. InformationTechnology SkillsMany jobs will require that you use word processing, spreadsheet and web-based softwareon a daily basis.However, think beyond these basic IT skills.You should show that canlearn how to use new software and new technology.SECTION 4: SUPERVISORY MEETINGSThe whole of this section should be approximately 200 words. YouMUST attend two meetings with your APT(unless they have agreed only one is required)during the course of your work experience. Summarise in this sectionwhat you discussed in your meetings. Please note it isyour responsibilityto contact your APT to arrange themeetings. Noteyour APT must sign or type in their signature in this section.SECTION 5: JOB/ROLE APPLICATIONThere is no specified word count for this section because it will depend on the application requirements, but youshould writeconcisely.You need to find an advertisement for a role (a job or a PG / training course) that you wouldlike to take on when you finish your degree. You need to complete the application for the postexactly in-line withwhat is required for applying ‘as if you were graduating now’. You should pay special attention to thejob descriptionandperson specificationand demonstrate exactly how you meet the criteria in your application. You should thencopy and paste: the advert (including the details on how to apply); the job description and person specification (ifprovided); your COMPLETED application; and any other documents that were required for application (e.g. CV,covering letter) on to a blank word document so that you can format appropriately, before then pasting it all in tothis reflective log.SECTION 6: ACTION PLAN FOR IMPROVING CANDIDACY BEFORE GRADUATIONThe whole of this section should be approximately 500 words. It should be anaction planthat considers gaps in yourskills and abilities identified through your approved work experience and through considering where you fell short ofthe criteria for your application in section 5. This section could be presented as a timeline, or in a table. Headingsmight include:skills(you are planning to develop);objectives(what you will do to develop the skills);tasks(breakdown your objective into tasks);resources needed(people, services needed to complete the objectives);potentialproblems(barriers to completing your objectives and how you will overcome them);evidence of success(how youwill know you’ve achieved your objectives);completion(deadlines).NOTE:WRITE IN DETAIL THROUGHOUT & DO NOT USE BULLET POINTS - ALL BOXES ARE EXPANDABLESECTION 1: WORK EXPERIENCE DETAILSName & address of organisationLife Enrichment Centre3
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