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1Running head: NURSINGNursingName of student:Name of university:Author note:
2NURSINGIntroductionProfessional nursing practice is guided by the objective of implementing strategiesthat support delivery of good quality care services. One such key strategy is an evidence-based nursing practice that has been well documented throughout a wide range of literature.The term evidence-based practice refers to the process of engaging in relevant research andapplying the insights gained into nursing practice. Research questions come up from clinicalscenarios that are complex and multifactoral. Such research questions might be aiming atquestioning a certain practice or aiming at bringing about improvement in practice (Parahoo,2014). The present paper is written on such a clinical scenario that aims to study therelationship between use of the stimulant drug and academic performance of universitystudent. The PICO question considered in this context is “Do stimulants increase academicperformance in university students?” The paper would consider two peer-reviewed researchpapers relevant to the research questions. These papers would be critically analysed forunderstanding their credibility and importance. The next section of the paper would focus onhighlighting the challenges that might be faced while applying the insights drawn from theresearch into practice. It would also consider discussing the alignment between the researchstudies and the research question considered.Part AHildt, E., Lieb, K., &Franke, A. G. (2014).Life context of pharmacological academicperformance enhancement among university students - a qualitative approach.BMCMedical Ethics, 15(1), 23-23.doi:10.1186/1472-6939-15-23Authorship
3NURSINGa. The present article has been co-authored by Elisabeth Hildt, Klaus Lieb and AndreasGunter Franke. Hildt has expertise in Neuroethics and belongs to the Department ofPhilosophy, University Medical Centre Mainz, Germany. Lieb and Franke belong to theDepartment of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.b. There is an absence of conflict of interest in this research paper.Research aimsa. The study was undertaken with the research question of “do university students usestimulant drugs for enhancing the cognitive functioning and successively better academicresults as well as other reasons?” The authors aimed at highlighting the connection betweenthe use of stimulant drugs and student’s concern for academic results as well as other non-academic factors. The authors did not mention any hypothesis in this research.b. The researchers clarified the background of the present study. The gaps in existingliterature throwing light on the use of stimulant drugs by university students weresuccessfully highlighted by them. The researchers stated that no qualitative studies had beenpreviously undertaken that was eminent for illustrating the present research topic. The lack ofempirical data on the concerned topic motivated the researchers to undertake the study.Designa. The present study had a qualitative research methodology. The data collection methodwas extensive face-to-face interviews held with the concerned participants. The interviewswere held with the help of semi-structured questionnaire with questions that were close-ended. Three interviewers were appointed for the interview purpose along with onepsychologist. Each interview was carried out with two interviewers. The complete process ofinterview was tape recorded. While one interviewer was responsible for engaging in
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