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Environmental Health and Safety: Research Report

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0Environmental Health and Safety
Environmental Health and Safety: Research Report_1
1IntroductionIn 2014, the outbreak of Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone was declared as an emergency in theinternational public health. Many organizations commissioned the research on this, whichinvolved undertaking of rapid evaluation of the situation in three affected countries of Guinea,Sierra Leone and Liberia. Researchers have reported that though Ebola trailed the death andsickness in its wake, outbreak of Ebola had serious implications which reached beyond the directinfluence over the health of people. The outbreak of Ebola Virus had caused wide problems likeeconomic downturn, food shortages, restrictions on movement, closure of schools. In thisproposal researcher has mentioned about the methodologies he will be using for completing hisresearch on Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone. Furthermore he will be discussing the data analysisand conclusion and recommendations for pre-planning and precautions against this disease.Research AimTo identify the collaboration/connect between hospitals and public health responseTo assess the link between proliferation of disease and poverty/sanitationTo understand the priorities of the departments of public health in Sierra LeoneMethodologyOn-Field work was conducted by the community based companies in Sierra Leone and Liberia.Selective sampling method was used. The sites of sampling were taken which represented botrural and urban communities, various regions of the nation and the locations at which there werelow and high number of cases of Ebola. The adults and children took active part in the one to oneinterview and small group discussions. The qualitative methodology made people tell their
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2stories and build up the impact regarding Ebola Outbreak on children over all those experiencedby wider community and family. Total 100 adults and children were chosen for participating inthe research study. To conduct this research, the researcher will be using Individuals Semi-structured questionnaires and interviews. Individual interviews have potential advantage anddisadvantage to obscure the viewpoint of individuals and they allow the topics for exploring viaexchanging the views and reveal the divergence and consensus. Data Analysis The analysis of the results of fieldwork is iterative and manual which involve accumulation ofthe information and data from various sources as well as the cross referencing of the sourceagainst other for identifying the explanations, differences and similarities for all these. The availability of continuous part in the major topics as well as the emerging questioningpermitted to make few fundamental quantifying of the facilitated solutions. The process ofentering data, analysis of the data was carried out using Microsoft Excel along with therepresentation of charts and graphs. The results were created in the calculated form byundertaking the frequencies with which the whole groups and not individuals gave particularfeedback. The diagrammatic representation used in this research study should therefore beconsidered as a secondary solution: a highlight of the frequency with which specific solutions arefacilitated. These shares were represented in the form of percentages of the total available groupsin this segment. For example around 4/5th segment of the population in Libya were having nohealth services for the maternal section of the population. The analysis of adults as well as thechildren were carried out individual. This was because of the reason that the discussion matterskept for children were simplistic in nature as well as they were less complex in nature. The two
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