Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan (Doc)

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Running head:BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN AND DISASTER RECOVERY PLANBusiness Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery PlanName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN AND DISASTER RECOVERY PLANThe challenges, which the incident handlers face when the data is being moved fromthe local servers to the cloud environment, are large in number (Debar, Curry & Feinstein,2007). Apart from the challenges of creating and maintaining of a cloud environment thereare also the following problems that is being faced by the incident handlers are:Identifying the relevant data resources:It cannot be directly said which of the filesis to pose a problem related to the incident detection. Especially for the system of SaaS andPaaS different methodologies needs to be implemented into these paradigms to make thedetection of the paradigms effective(Grobauer & Schreck, 2010).Event information standardization:There are no standard developed in the field ofmaking an existing initiative for the making of a standard event information sharingprotocol.The event handlers should develop a common form of sharing information towork on the information received from the event generated.Logging based on specific customers:The essential characteristics of a cloud for the useof resource pooling has led to the making of multitenant infrastructure. Thus, the events,which are being generated by the infrastructures, are mainly in the field of non-customerspecific portions of the main infrastructure, resources from a single customer andresources collected from several customers. For the provision of access of the customersto the events the cloud service providers has two goals. There should be viewable forevent information to a single user but the information of other users should not be visibleto others(Christodorescu et al., 2009).Detection of missing information:the cloud service providers for the detection ofintrusion must take Security services in accordance to the intrusion detection intoaccount. The cloud service providers have minimum or no knowledge about the workingof the infrastructure of the cloud. This problem has been found in the IaaS and in PaaS. InIaaS the intrusion detection is used in the virtual machines without the knowledge of the
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