Business Ethics Dilemma

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Applied Business Ethics
Part-A- Ethical Dilemma Essay
Introduction to Ethical Dilemma
Ethical Dilemma is one of the most complex situation or circumstances
where most of the people face difficulty to choose a course of action. It
happens because people in such situation perceive both the actions more
or less equal. It is often referred as “Moral Dilemma”. Dilemmas can arise
from many reasons such as difference in behaviour, attitude, principles of
life, faith, beliefs etc. as personal characteristics and culture, region,
tradition, society, community, religion etc. as outside environment.
It is a paradoxical situation where the human being is stuck with two
decision making situation where none of action is clearly acceptable from
ethical or moral grounds and also none is avoidable.
Ethical Dilemma in Business
How does ethical dilemma arise for a business professional?
There is no definite source or cause from where the dilemma starts. It can
be multiple situations and it is also possible to have co-existence of 2-3
sources at a time in front of a professional. Normally, the sources are-
What is a worthwhile work?- It is the situation where the
professional is under the dilemma of selection of employment after
What is the balancing strike between work and family?- It is the
situation where the working professional allot the time for work and
family beyond normal working hours.
Will I be a team player or a sole runner? - It is the dilemma where
the person has to think about doing work in a team environment or
What if I feel my leader is misleading me?- It is the ethical chaos
where a professional is to decide a course of action to confront
shoddy behaviour of own leader.

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