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Organ Systems and Evolution - Antibiotic Resistance and Prevention

Added on -2019-09-16

This article discusses antibiotic resistance and how it happens, the natural selection in bacteria, and how people contribute to it. It also talks about the prevention and slow down of the spread of new antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria by employing certain actions as guided by WHO. The article concludes with some tips on how to slow down the spread of antibiotic-resistant microbes.
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Running Head: Assignment Organ Systems and EvolutionASSIGNMENTOrgan Systems and Evolution
1Part 1Antibiotic resistance happened when an antibiotic lost its control of limiting or killing thebacterial growth (Stewart and Costerton, 2001). It’s a natural phenomenon by which certainbacteria becomes resistant towards the particular antibiotic. Natural selection is well documentedin bacteria, and the continuous use of antibiotics has evolved them to be resistant towards themdecline in antibiotic ability to control them. The antibiotic resistance genes exist even beforehumanity started using antibiotics since those bacteria which produces antibiotic are itselfresistant towards them. These genes are conserved and even found in bacteria that doesn’tproduce antibiotics (Gupta et al., 2014). Due to the natural selection as the first time antibiotic isused most of the bacteria were killed but some survived due to functional antibiotic resistance inthem that allow them to withstand it somewhat effects. Now those who have survived thedamage done by antibiotic adapt to deal with this particular situation, and over the time they willcontinue to multiply. People unknowingly contribute the antibiotic resistance. For example,patients undergo self-medication and noncompliance with the recommended treatment is thechief cause of resistance. Self-medication is always combined with ill time, inadequate andunnecessary antibiotic dosing while non-compliance occurs when an individual forgets to take anappropriate dosing of medication.

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