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1StrengthsThe strengths of the research article are that it helps in understanding the reasons for theoccurrence of accidents or incidents in the industry of Bulgaria. This article makes us aware ofthe present conditions of the industry of Bulgaria and the safety and health conditions for theemployees at the workplace. Further, the industry has various hazardous plants, and theemployees don't have the adequate health and safety conditions in order to work. It has beenobserved that the human errors are the major reason which causes the accidents. Further, variousmethods can be used in order to analyze the incidents/accidents (Doytchev et al., 2009).Therefore, the research paper has various strengths as it makes us aware of the workingconditions of the Bulgarian industry and the major factors which are giving rise to the rate ofaccidents/incidents to a great extent.WeaknessesThe weakness of this article is that it only focuses on the factors which cause incidents/accidentsin the industry of Bulgaria but it doesn't provide any suggestions or measures which can be takenby the government or the organizations in order to reduce the rate of incidents and accidents.Further, the article used various research papers to discuss the factors which cause accidents, butthere is not a single paper which talks about the measures which can be taken in order to reducethe accidental rate to a great extent. Therefore, the article also provides the information that howthe accidents and incidents can be analyzed. But the employees who are working in the industryof Bulgaria are not safe until the measures are being taken for their safety at the workplace.
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