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1LOGISTICS MANAGEMENTAnswer 1: Value Cain analysis of Apple assisted to identify the activities of business thatcreated competitive advantage and value for the business.Inbound Logistics: the purchase commitments of Apple cover the requirements for 150 days as itworks with suppliers all around the world and maintain sophisticated management of supplychain.Operations: outsourcing of the production to the location and regions with low cost and expenseof resources is significant key value source for operations of Apple (Kraemer, et al., 2013).Outbound Logistics: It involves distribution and warehousing of ready Mac Computers, iPad andiPhone and various other products which are manufactured by company.Sales and Marketing: During the year 2016, the net sales of company by its indirect and directchannels of distribution amounted to 75 percent and 25 percent respectively.Services: The Company provides excellent services to customer during pre-purchase, and postpurchase.Answer 2: There are various other tools to evaluate the performance of supply chain butaggregate planning overarches the benefits of all other tools as the approach of aggregateplanning involves minimization of fluctuations of staffing, reduce the overheads, increase therate of production, and accommodate several changes (Heizer, et al., 2013).Answer 3: Since the original warehouse is in Cincinnati which is far away from des Moines,Kansas city and St. Louis, the delivery route gets bigger and larger which may lead to delay inprocess of production (Roh, et al., 2013). According to me, the location of warehouse should besomewhere at a central place which is equidistant from all these stores. Faster delivery, safety of

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