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1|PageComparative Business Ethics & Social ResponsibilityIntroductionThe article highlights the issues related to the Facebook big data and breaking the trust of thepeople and does not follow the ethics and governance. Some case has been discussed in theessay. This case and examples are related to the unethical decisions made by the companyand how they affect the workings of the company. The examples discussed are real-lifeexamples of ethical decision making in which the wrong decision in an ethical manner affectsthe working of the overall business (Droppert and Bennett, 2015).For this essay, an article from “The Sydney Morning Herald” is chosen. In the essay, theissues related to the Facebook privacy, leakage of personal data by the company. This casediscusses the legal obligation faced by the company and its supported members (Lexology,2018). This case shows the unethical decision taken by the Facebook by leaking the personaldata of the person. This leakage of data makes the people leave the Facebook as it is no morereliable in the eyes of society (Filatotchev and Nakajima, 2014)ArgumentsIn the article, the announcement is done by the Apple that they have made a secured app intheir phones from which the information cannot be leaked or transmitted to other parties.This app was designed to protect the privacy, including the features in the Safari browser thatwill able to block the ad-tech companies from tracking the users building detailed profiles ofthe people on Facebook and serving them creepy ads as they surf on the internet. TheFacebook has sold this data to various countries and companies to know the customer tasteand preference in a good amount (Hair et al., 2015).Apple has claimed that even in the Facebook the comment and share fields are also used bythese companies to collect the data. This will give the customer preference and thinking and
2|PageComparative Business Ethics & Social Responsibilitychoice of the people to the companies. Around 87 million people data has been stolen andshared by the other countries. In this decision has been discussed in which it helps the boardsto better understand the distinction between the requirements and needs imposed by thecorporate law and governance “best practices” (Ashkanasy, Härtel, and Zerbe, 2016). Theparties claimed that the Facebook has breached their fiduciary duties and have used personaldata of the Facebook users. The court has acknowledged that the company are found inconnection with the violation of rules and regulations and are penalized with an amount of $2trillion by the Federal Trade Commission (Jennings, 2014).The issue has been highlighted in the Facebook which has spoiled the image of the companyin the eyes of its users. Users are not using the Facebook due to the fear of sharing of theirdata. After the scandal of the data sharing, the governance has been flagged for years as thecompany scores highly in other areas which mean its rating has remained relatively high. Theactivity done by the Facebook is not considered as the socially responsible action by theinvestor. Facebook is atop 10 holding SRI (Socially responsible investment) funds thanks to agood environmental track record but the Cambridge Analytic data scandal should giveinvestors a reason to reconsider (Leach, 2014).This is found to be the prime example of the difference between the best practical and legalobligation. Best practices are generally referred to as the behaviour or conduct performed bythe individual who is beyond the basic or minimum legal standards. Yet as the Facebook, thebest practices are aspirational goals, not legal requirements. There occurs no overwhelminglegal mandatory for the approval, and a choice of not doing the same is not an indication ofbreak of fiduciary duty. The company has breach the basic requirements of the personalsharing data of the consumer which hurts the sentiments of the people at large (Quinn, 2014).Ethical issues
3|PageComparative Business Ethics & Social ResponsibilityThe ethical decisions discussed in the article is related to the corporate governance whichreflects the issue related to how the organization makes the policies, rules, practices, andregulations made in the organization by which a business can be directed and controlledeasily (Hair Jr et al., 2015). In the article, the governance is followed by the Apple by makingchanges in the technology of their smartphones as Apple is also found included in the scandalin that 60 manufacture of the smartphones who takes the data from the Facebook. This showsthat the Apple is being responsible towards the society. The corporate social responsibility isfulfilled by the company but because of the legal implications involved, the company findshard to complete its responsibility towards the society (Liedong et al., 2015).Most appropriate ethical decisionsThe most appropriate ethical decision is the one which develops the trust, indicates theresponsibility towards society and other individual affected by the decision, fairness andcaring for an individual. To be ethical in decision making the business has to show therespect and responsibility. This will be shown by CEO of Apple Tim Cook which talked in aninterview about the privacy credentials and his disdain for the cavalier approach of other techcompanies that is Facebook and Google on data collection were unmistakable. In the article,Apple took a stand for the public interest against the Facebook which shows that it knows theprivacy issues are important to its users and critical for its business (Walker et al., 2014).Not only the Apple has taken measures for the same but Facebook also has taken severalmeasures to improve its governance in the environment. The company has introduced variousproducts and services through strict data privacy and security testing. The company privacyexperts and legislatures are meeting to solve this problem. The company has also takenvarious steps to measure the leakage of the private data of its users. Moreover, the companyhas put various restrictions on the data application also (Ramasundara, 2018).
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