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Running head- Questionnaire DesignQuestionnaire Design
1Questionnaire DesignIntroduction: A survey is a tool to look close or examine something or someone. A survey is conducted to know the general views of the people about something. This survey is being conducted to know which product is to be stored on campus. This survey is being conducted for a vending machine company to store the product on campus. The sample size of the survey is 200. The sample population of the survey is the students of the campus. Title- Appendix A-QuestionnaireQuestion1: Your qualificationUndergraduate ( )Graduate ( )Postgraduate ( )Your genderMale ( ) Female ( )Other ( )Where do you live?Off-campus ( )On campus ( )Question2: Vending machine for a food product is necessary on campus.Strongly agree ( )Agree ( )Neutral ( )Disagree ( )Strongly Disagree ( )Question3: You are satisfied with the dining options on campus. (Excluding residential option)Strongly agree ( )Agree ( )Neutral ( )Disagree ( )Strongly Disagree ( )Question4: There are varieties of foods available on campus.Strongly agree ( )Agree ( )Neutral ( )Disagree ( )Strongly Disagree ( )Question5: you like fast food on campus.Strongly agree ( )Agree ( )Neutral ( )Disagree ( )Strongly Disagree ( )Question6: Which food product you like the most?Soft drink ( )Tea & Coffee ( )Sandwich ( ) Pastry ( )Beer ( ) Fruits ( )Other- please mention ( )

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