My Journey of Self-Discovery Through Reflective Journal


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Running head- Reflective Journal Reflective Journal
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1Reflective JournalKey PointOne the first day of my training I got angry on one of my colleagues. Describe On the first day of my clinical placement at the hospital, all the medical professionals and leanerswere present. All my colleagues were present. One of my colleagues was pointing out everythingevery time. She was poking other colleagues who were close to her and me. Firstly I control myself but after sometimes I got irritated. I turned to her and shouted at her. I called her name and said loudly either keep mum or go out of the venue. My voice was so loud to take attention of everyone at the venue. Suddenly she becomes quite, and I could see her face it was red. She was very upset with my behavior. She started weeping and after sometimes she left the venue with tears in her eyes.Interpret After this incident, I felt very bad for my behavior. Although she was irritating me my behavior was worse than anything. I felt that I have made one of the biggest mistakes in my life. I should not have done this. Throughout the whole session, I thought about her and my behavior. It was horrible. I thought that I should meet her and apologize for the rude behavior. After this incident, I found that I have a very high temper which is not a good sign for me. I had a challenge in front of me, and that was to reduce the temper and modify my behavior. I decided to get rid of this behavior. I promised myself that I would never react like this in future again.
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