Strategic Management in Acquisition and Supply Chain Management


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Running head – Strategic Management STRATEGICMANAGEMENT

1Strategic Management Introduction In this assignment strategic management is been discussed in regards to supply chain management and acquisition. The importance of strategic management in acquisition and supply chain management is been detailed in this assignment. How to apply strategic management in thefield of acquisition and supply chain management.Strategic management Strategic management is the process of analyzing the situation and then accordingly taking the most feasible action. In order to yield the best and most fruitful result. The strategy is related to planning for the future which in turn produce the long-term benefits (Lasserre et al., 2017).APPLICATION OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ON ACQUISITION AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENTStrategic management is very important in acquisition and supply chain management process. An organization can apply it strategic management skill in identifying the feasibility of the acquisition decision and while planning the supply chain management process. As it will lead to having more positive and favorable result at the end of the day.Strategic management can be applied in the process of assessing and integrating of the target company to acquire, skills of strategic management can be also applied in the alignment of the goals of acquisition, finding and identifying the feasibility of the acquisition for the future potentiality. So in this way, an organization or the manager may apply its strategic management skills in the acquisition process to make the most feasible and profitable decision (Kwon et al., 2014).

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