Sustainable Operations and Destinations Assignment

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Running head: SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS AND DESTINATIONSSustainable Operations and DestinationsName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS AND DESTINATIONSUganda Sustainable TourismThe Uganda Government takes the hands-on approach in promoting sustainable tourismin Uganda. The policies implemented for the sustainable tourism purpose helps in limiting thedamages caused by the tourists. The sustainable tourism helps in increasing economic value ofthe country in a significant way. The study develops the idea about the sustainable tourisminitiatives in Uganda undertaken by the stakeholders of University of Manitoba and the localresidents. The study would discuss the collaborative partnership between the stakeholders andthe recommendation for the future sustainable tourism aspects.1. Sustainable Host CommunityThe Uganda sustainable tourism is undertaken for saving the rainforest that are affectedby the climate change. There are three major community projects, which are in different stagesof development. The first project was for Ruhija in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.The project concentrates on opening forGorilla Tourism, which required funds from the projectdevelopers and community people. In spite of numerous question of this initiative, the projecthas paid the full focus on developing the concerns about the rarely visible gorillas (Duffy &Kim, 2017). Previously, no tourists liked to visit the place since there was no attractive initiativehad undertaken. However, currently, few of the tourists are visiting for experiencing adventurousjourney in a place where gorillas inhabit.However, there were some of the negative impacts as well. For example, there was a bitof land rush. Therefore, the community engagement became much important for developing suchtourism initiative. After arranging a numerous meetings and community discussion, they firststarted gathering funds for the community-tented camp, which eventually became the largest rest
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