Mindfulness Enhances Job Performance in Organization : Report

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1The purpose of this report is to analysis and defines the ways by which mindfulnessenhances the job performance in an organization.MindfulnessMindfulness is defined by many different authors but the common definition of mindfulness isthe state of being aware of the present reality and living in the moment. Dane definedmindfulness as a state of consciousness in which attention is focused on present momentphenomena occurring both internally and externally.There are two approaches to define mindfulness construct,1.Eastern-This approach is aresult of the general agreement among scholars thatmindfulness is a state of consciousness that focuses on the present moment in anon-judgmental manner. Hence, the two key aspects of mindfulness here is theattention focus on the moment and the lack of evaluation due to which it ismandatory to accept the present.2.Western-This approach is an information-processing approach. The key aspect ofmindfulness here is drawing novel distinctions.Hence, mindfulness can also be defined as a preferred way of thinking and acts as aninterface between personality and cognition or it can be understood as a dispositionproviding an interface between knowledge and behaviour[ CITATION EKi17 \l 16393 ].Mindfulness and leadership behaviourWith the help of structural equation modelling, the authors concluded that leadership self-mastery and leadership organizational-transformation is related to mindfulness. Glomb et al.described benefits of mindfulness in leadership behaviour. He defined some processes andargued that mindfulness is linked to self-regulation by these processes. Few examples ofthese processes are:Reduced automatic thinkingIncreased awareness of physical experiencesDecoupling of ego to eventsMindfulness enhances self-leadership with the help of self-regulation along with emotionalintelligence and self-reflection. Mindfulness enhances leadership because mindfulnessgenerates awareness of current information and gives a perception to support real-timedecisions. It also enhances psychological well-being and resilience and gives presence tointerpersonal relationships[ CITATION KWB03 \l 16393 ].Apart from this, mindfulness also
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