Business Continuity Planning Methodology

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Running head: BUSINESS RECOVERY PLANNINGBusiness Recovery PlanningName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANNINGYes my company has a disaster recovery plan. The IBM (International BusinessMachines Corporation) has its disaster recovery plan based on 3 procedures namely emergencyresponse, backup operations and recovery operations. Approaches in the form of training such asrecovery workshops, first aid training and mock disaster plans with the employees will enhancethe situation handling skill of the employees. A session to provide knowledge on the disasterresponse and rescue plans to prepare for the natural calamities (Phillips, 2015). The company isalso prepared to handle situation where the disaster is caused due to loss of data or theft. It alsoprovides with the crisis counseling to the employees to make them mentally fit to stand againstany disaster.The company ensures that all the new employees are trained to execute and handledisaster recovery and the existing employees are already trained with the new plans to recoverdisaster recovery plan.Yes, the company is well prepared to manage disaster. Proper maintenance ofinformation technology which includes all the laptops, essential data’s, internet and other cloudservices to prevent any such loss of theft and hacking is also planned accordingly to confront.Use of mobile phones for emergency response and training teams with disaster recovery planswill give the organization a strong protection(Whitman, Mattord & Green, 2013).The companyalso focuses towards building a separate team to ensure information security with the help ofexperts to handle network security, software development and system integration (Ratcliffe,2017). Various rehearsals and trainings are also provided to the employees to stand as a team andhelp each other in the time of disaster.The company trains a team to stand out to the situation forinformation security and the other team experts to handle any natural disaster recoverychallenges. These trainings are provided to the employees with the help of external services to aperiod of after every 6 months.
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