Concepts of 3D Printing - Assignment

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Running head: 3D PRINTING3D printingName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
13D PRINTINGGross, B. C., Erkal, J. L., Lockwood, S. Y., Chen, C., & Spence, D. M. (2014).Evaluation of 3D printing and its potential impact on biotechnology and the chemicalsciences.Link - the paper, the authors talks about the role of 3D printing technology inrevolutionizing teaching and research laboratories. In this article the history of 3D printing istalked about, various 3D printing methods are reviewed and additionally it presents currentapplications. The paper talks about Charles Hull who developed the concepts of 3D printingsuch as RP (rapid prototyping), AM (additive manufacturing) and SFF (solid freedomtechnology). Automotive and Aerospace industries have been the beneficiaries of 3Dtechnologies because of printing prototypes of airline and car parts. Additionally, thecontribution of this technology government and private defense industry is well recognized.Already the prototypes of gun and various weapons are being produced by the defenseindustry.In the case of research settings, biomedical and engineering applications have beenthe contributors in researching about 3D technologies. The main part which the paper focusesis that a branch that is known as chemical sciences has tremendous potential to make use of3D technologies. This paper also talks about few rapid prototyping methods in 3Dtechnology. SLA (Stereolithography) was developed Chuck Hall. This method was the firstrapid prototyping method that was commercialized. Different approaches are used such aslaser writing and direct write curing process which is mask based. It also talks about anothermethod which is known as FDM (Fused Deposition modeling) which was developed by ScotCrump. In this method thermoplastic materials are used to produce products. From the paper,it is clear that extensive research was done on methods employed in analytical chemistry toproduce prototypes. However, the paper does not include the prospects of future research inthe subject.Mikołajewska, E., Macko, M., Ziarnecki, Ł., Stańczak, S., Kawalec, P., & Mikołajewski,D. (2014). 3D printing technologies in rehabilitation engineering.Link:
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