MIT141559 Literature Review on Zeus Malware

Added on - May 2020

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Running head: LITERATURE REVIEW ON ZEUS MALWARELiterature Review on Zeus MalwareName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note:
1LITERATURE REVIEW ON ZEUS MALWARELiterature Review on Zeus MalwareZeus or Zbot is a specific malware package of Trojan horse, which eventually runs onevery version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Several criminal activities andmalicious tasks are easily carried out with the help of this particular malware package. Anyinformation related to banking can be stolen with the help of Zeus malware by activities likeform grabbing, man in the browser attacks and keystroke logging. The installation ofCryptoLocker ransomware is done by this particular malware. This Zeus malware is spreadmainly by phishing schemes. Following are the six literature reviews on Zeus malware thatwould help in understanding the malware in details.1.DETECTION OF THE ZEUS BOTNET MALWAREAccording to the journal, the increased and remarkable Internet evolution that hasoccurred subsequently after the perfect development of any high commonness of smartphones, systems and the constant utilization of Internet on huge amount in everyday’s life haseventually lead to all types of network attacks. E-commerce websites are the most utilizedwebsites on Internet; therefore, the attacks on these websites are extremely common.Currently, it is observed that the hackers have started using botnets for the achievement oftheir objectives. Zeus botnet is considered as one of the most dangerous botnets for hackingany kind of banking information. HBD or simply Host Botnet Detection Software isimplemented for the detection of Zeus botnet in any system [1].2. MAN IN THE BROWSER ATTACKS: A FORM OF ZEUS MALWARE ATTACKSThis journal paper focuses on the specific technique of the attacks of Zeus malware.Man in the browser attacks are the most significant techniques for Zeus attacks. This type ofattack mainly targets on those customers, who are using Internet banking. Although varioussecurity measures are undertaken for securing the Internet banking, still the Zeus botnet can
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