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Assignment on Accounting Information System

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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1Answer 1:MISA sophisticated system of reporting.Developed on the processing system of transaction.Used to encourage the structured form of decision making.DSSOffer support to semi-structured and the structured decisions.Problems are characterized by uncertain and incomplete knowledge.Include the tools of modeling, distinct scenarios are being modeled.EISEncourages the executive management level.Formulation of strategic decision making.Extracts the data of summary from the internal systems of organization.ESEmulate the model of human and way of experts in the problem solving.Particular about the given situation or problem.Cannot be retained easily.Neural networkCreated to imitate the brain’s thought process.The aim is not to solve the particular problem.Intelligence is placed in hardware in generalized form.Answer 2:I have understood that the COBIT is the architecture which is being created for the managementand the governance of IT. It is the tool for managers which enables bridging the gap among theissues of technicality (Lambert et al., 2007). The version 5 of COBIT is the latest one whichcame in 2012. It is distinct from other versions because it meets the stakeholder's need, coversthe complete enterprise, provides the holistic approach to the organization to make decisions, etc.Answer 3:The system’s analytic flowchart is defined as a tool which is used by the programmers so thatthey can map out the various steps which are needed in their programs to complete the task ofprogramming. It is the useful tool for mapping. The guidelines are followed to use the tool like,the requirements are to be followed, the comparison should be understandable, and the connectoris used to reduce the flow lines. The flowchart is easier to read because it gives the better andclear understanding of the activities as compared to the making of the flowchart which requiresconstant alterations and changes (Romney et al., 2006).
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