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Jeremiah Walton BUSI 303 (pdf)

Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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REPLIES[Document subtitle]
Running Head:4 BUSI 303REPLYJeremiah Walton BUSI 303Jeremiah, I have gone through your post and was quite satisfied with the way youhave approached the concept of operation management. Moreover, there are few ofthe areas which can be enhanced with the help fewer more additional information.You have presented the impact of the wrong move on the execution of the businessprocesses effectively. I liked the way you have pointed out the good and the badabout the president’s part for the country. You have told that there could havemany risks but not highlighted those risks. You could have identified one or tworisks that affect the business processes of the carmakers.References:®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=3&pgtype=collection DoroshDiscussion Board ThreadRe: Managerial CommitmentRebecca, you have surprised me with the way of your approach towards the concepts ofmanagerial commitment. The research carried out by you is good in order to provided knowledgeon the several of managerial commitment. I was little expecting that you will explain the rolesand responsibilities from the management perspective in order to evaluate the overallorganizational performance. Furthermore, you have shown the way of implementing the skills ofa manger in evaluating the desired success of an organization. I was also expecting that youcould have added few points regarding the use of the skills in order to enhance the managerialcommitment towards the organization.ReferencesAmlus, M. H. b., Abdullah, A. Z., & Ibrahim, A. (2015). The relationship betweenmanagerial commitment towards manufacturing capabilities: Investigating in electrical1|P a g e
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