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Case Study on Continuous Improvement of Quality in Middle County Hospital

Added on -2019-09-21

This case study highlights the importance of continuous improvement of quality for Middle County Hospital's operation and accreditation by JCAHO. It also depicts the role of a new intern in the project and his dedication towards the work.
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1CASE STUDYIntroductionIn the given case study, the Middle County Hospital’s project of Continuous improvement ofquality and its importance for the hospital’s operation as well as for their accreditation by theJCAHO is detailed and the role of new intern of management in that project is highlighted. Thecase depicts the feelings and dedication of the new intern in the hospital’s working and hisfriendly acquaintance with the Director of quality, Nathan Walker. In the following section thecase’s summary, the learnings which are gained, and lastly the recommendations and conclusionsare summarized.SummaryIn the given study, the case starts with the Middle County Hospital’s CEO, Katie Bent invitingthe new Intern of management to the morning meeting on Monday with all her staff ofmanagement. In the commencement of the meeting, she introduced the intern to all the memberspresent in the meeting by giving brief introduction about her education and the projects andresponsibilities the intern will be taking care of. The CEO, after introduction, proceeded themeeting by detailing about the program of Continuous Improvement of quality and itsimportance for the hospital’s operation as well as for their accreditation by the JCAHO. Since theNew Intern had good knowledge about management of quality, the CEO assigned him to assistNathan in providing the report on which the CEO could base her presentation. After the meeting,Nathan and intern got acquainted with each other and Nathan gave description about hislearnings and skills and asked questions from the Intern regarding same. In order to assess hispresent knowledge, Nathan gave some assignment to intern regarding the CQI Project and gave

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