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1CASE WRITE-UPIntroductionThis is a write up of my experience of falling in love with a person who does not even know thatI exist. I wanted to have a retaliation towards my love and instead of using the routine procedureof getting to know me, I have chosen to cast a spell of love onto him. I have explained theprocedure via flowchart and in the end I have added a glossary section to explain any abbreviatedterm I have used in the Flowchart.Case Write-UpIn the following flow chart, we have depicted the step by step process to cast a love spell for themale target whom I am in love with. I am assuming that I possess a book which contains all therituals I need to perform plus all the ingredients I need to cast the spell (Landeta, J. 2006).Though there is a separate list for men and women, but one ingredient called Eye of Newt issame in both the list. However in case the target is male we can substitute Tongue of Cobra inplace of Eye of Newt. Next step involves the Moon Phase that is Waxing for men and waning forfemale. However it is recommended to wait for the auspicious time to perform the ritual in twodifferent styles that is Latin for male and Greek for female. The procedure ends after this laststep (Linstone, et al., 2011).
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