Emirates Airlines: Research Analysis

Added on - 18 Oct 2019

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1ConclusionAfter the analysis and interpretation of the responses of the participants in the previous chapter,now conclusion will be drawn based on those findings, which will give an overview of whatpractices are being done and what are the results.It can be concluded after the close monitoring and doing a questionnaire survey of 30 cadets inthe Emirates Airlines, that cadets who are recruited for the training program in the organization,they are quite content with the recruitment process. Although it have come to light that factorwhich requires improvement form the administration, is the speed of reply from EK, which isproblematic area in the recruitment process. The management need to take care of this factor atevery step of the recruitments process as it have been highlighted by the respondents in thesurvey.It can also be concluded form the analysis that, recruitment process of the cadets in the EmiratesAirlines is quite lengthy. The process consists of several phases ranging from prescreeningmedical tests to psychometric tests and from Numerical tests to TOEFL and finally interview forthe selection of the best candidate, who cab become a right fit in the organization. Mostly theorganization goes for those candidates who may have little experience earlier, in the particularfield which might prove helpful in making the learning process easy and faster.Another point that have emerged from the analysis and interpretation of the survey of the cadetsthat they think the time which is given to the candidates for the completion of different steps inthe recruitment process is quite sufficient and cadets are able to complete different tests atdifferent stages in time. Therefore it can be said that it is plus point in the recruitment process ofthe Emirates airlines.
2Beside the time to completion and speed of reply from EK another factor analyzed was briefinginstructions. Regarding the briefing instructions it can be concluded that most of the cadetsseems to be quite satisfied with the briefing instructions as they were quite clear and helped themin the each and every stage of the recruitment process. Besides this it have also came to the lightthat the Emirate Airlines need to improve and reduce unnecessary steps in the recruitmentprocess so that the process can become more effective and efficient. This will help the airlines tomake a good image of itself in the market and will helping attracting more and more candidatesfor different positions in the organizations.RecommendationsAfter the conclusion, recommendations for the Emirates airlines are given and discussed, whichthe organization can utilize for enhancing their recruitment process of cadets and improve the jobsatisfaction level in the organization.It is recommended to the Emirates Airlines that they should try to enhance their recruitmentprocess for cadets. They should focus on reducing the lengthy process, which consists of severalsteps. The organization should focus on removing those steps which are not that important,which will make the recruitment process more effective and efficient. Besides this it will alsohelp in improving the morale of the cadets.Besides this it is also recommended that the organization should give more time to complete theapplication process for the recruitment process. Though it have emerged from the survey thatcadets were satisfied from the briefing instructions for the online application process and speedof reply form EK should also be increased for the online application process.
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