4. hospitality management.

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1Answer 1:The selling features demonstrate the elements of the products by assuming that thecustomers will like the product to a great extent. For example, the widgets have the potzeebies ofthe dual plug. Further, the customers get confused and are not able to understand that why aspecific feature is useful to them. Whereas selling benefits helps in describing the feature of theproduct and it improves the situation for the customers. For example, the widgets are producedlocally, and the customer can be assured of the quick and the immediate delivery of the product(Atmaz, A., & Basak, S. 2017). Therefore, selling features is ineffective because the customersare confused about the product, and they are not able to make the purchase decision. Sellingbenefits and the features are effective as it helps the customers to understand that how they willbe benefited from the particular product and prioritize their needs accordingly about the product.Answer 2:The conversation between the customer and the sales person clearly states that thesales person has used the move-on step in order to barrel the obstacles and the objections.Further, the sales person have effectively used the move-on step in order to sell the services andconvince the customers to avail the services of the resort. While using the move-on step, thesales person effectively and efficiently handled the situation and gave an effective reply to thecustomer and assured him/her that they are taking the reviews very seriously and making effortsto change the negative points to the positive ones in order to attract more customers and developa great brand image. Therefore, it has been observed that the sales person has improved the skillsand the capabilities to a great extent because of the training.Answer 3:It has been observed that the hotels have a benefit over distinct kind of caterers asthey can barrel various kinds of events at the same time. Hotels are good at offering services.Further, the hotels mainly believe in the maximization of the profitability due to the division ofthe sleeping rooms, and they are focused to maximize the sales through this division only
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