4. Problem solving with lists, strings, and files. Writ

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4. Problem solving with lists, strings, and filesWrite a program that reads a csv data file calledborough-sales.csv(sample provided with the lab) that containssales of land in various parts of the UK for years of 2012-2014. The file consists of 4 columns: the area and the 3years of sales numbers. It will calculate the following stats (printing to screen optional): Areas with average salesacross the three years in the ranges 0-3000, 3001-5000, >=5001. It should generate a CSV file (columns separated bycommas, rows separated by newlines (\n).Note that the rows do not have to be in any particular order.It should create a table similar to the following (table incomplete):0-30003001-5000>=5001City of LondonBarnetBromleyBarking andDagenhamCroydenWandsworth.........----- THE END ------1-
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