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1Thesis StatementMass shooting is a huge problem in United States that can be resolved through strict weapon laws, self-defensetraining and equipping law-abiding citizens with firearms.Problem and Solution for Mass ShootingA mass shooting is described as an incident which involves multiple victims of firearms-relatedviolence, as per the US Congressional Research Service, there is not a broadly acceptable definition of massshooting, and defines the “ public mass shooting” as the incident in which four or more people are killed usingfirearms. According to Congressional Research Service, a mass shooting involve killing of four or more people;the victims are selected randomly (ruling out killing gang members or multiple family members) and attack inpublic place (Bjeloper, 2013). On the other hand, an incident in which more than four people are shoot usingfirearms is considered as a mass shooting. The definition rules out the attack in Plano, Texas, in which a mankilled eight people using a gun, but he was related to the house.The attack on Congressional baseball practice shooting was not considered as mass shooting because thegunman didn’t kill four people. From January to December, there have been ten mass shooting in the UnitedStates that averages to one attack per month. The five most deadly mass shooting attack in the united states hasbeen happened in past ten years, in which the Las Vegas attack was a fatal shooting in the modern united stateshistory. More than 58 people were killed in the Las Vegas attack, and only ten years ago 32 people were killedin 2007 Virginia Tech massacre (Murphy, 2017).From 30 deadliest mass shooting attacks since 1949, 18 attacks have happened in past ten yearsbecausethe popularity of internet hate, religious groups, ISIS and political issues has increased hate, intolerance, andracism in between Americans.As per research conducted by Willingham and Ahmad (2017), the United Stateshas around 5 percent of the world population, and it had 31 percent of all mass shooting. These statistics showthe requirement of effective government regulations to properly address the issue of mass shooting because it isaffecting a lot of innocent people.
2There are several steps taken by government and public that can reduce the number of mass shooting inUnited States. The restriction of firearms seems like an easy solution for reducing the number of massshootings, but it is significantly difficult to implement such regulation in the United States of America. Most ofthe people use their guns to protect their family and properties, and many of them are personally connected tosuch weapons as well(Fox and DeLateur, 2014). The problem with mass shooting is that Americans are toovulnerable to violence;it is considerably easy for individuals to obtain lethal weaponswhich have advanced tokill many people in a short period.The violence impulse is impossible to stop, but the government can restrict access to lethal weapons.There is a significant requirement of strict weapon laws that limit the availability of deadly weapons todangerous people and prevent them from executing their plans. The government is required to restrict assaultweapons, armor piercing ammunition and high capacity magazine to the people, and strictly regulate thepurchase and sale of lethal weapons (Follman, Aronsen, and Pan, 2012). The trump administration is strictlyopposing the gun control;therefore, the government should introduce short-term solutions for rather than thefull-scale gun control system. Complete restriction of online buy and sell of deadly weapons along with internetbullets, and strict regulations on the firearms stores are required.The people who wanted to buy a firearm must be required to show cause for such weapon, with anadequate reason, no person should be permitted to purchase a weapon. The citizens are also requiring keepingtheir firearms outside their homes and the reach of people, such as gun ranges. A mandatory 28 days waitingtime should be established for people who are buying firearms, in such period the government should conduct abackground check on the person (Holden, 2007).The primary drawback of implementing these regulations isthat it provides extraordinary authority to the government over cherished freedom. But, these rules should assistin the reduction of selling of lethal weapons to dangerous people that will eventually reduce the number of massshootings.Another option is equipping people to defend themselves in case of mass shootings.The issue is that incase of a sudden violent shooting attack, most people especially children are not able to save themselves in suchsituation. The threat is increasing rapidly, and people cannot rely on someone else to rescue them from thesituation. It is necessary that parents, schools, society, and government should all contribute in teaching the
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