Role of CPU Scheduling

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1What is the Role of CPU Scheduling?
2What is the Role of CPU Scheduling?Key word: CPU SchedulingCPU SchedulingCPU scheduling aims to optimize the utilization of CPU. It is a process that allows the system tocarry out multiple processes at once. In case of scheduling, the CPU keeps a process on holdwhile the other one is being executed. This is done due to unavailability of the resources. Thescheduling ensures that all the process in the CPU are being executed in timely manner and thesystem is utilizing the full capacity. The CPU scheduling not only makes the system moreefficient but it also increases the speed. When the scheduling is a done, the operating systemfocuses on choosing and executing one of the processes available in the ready queue. A short-term scheduler or CPU scheduler is used to execute the selection process. It selects the processeswhich are ready to complete. Scheduler also allocates the processes to the CPU.Waiting Time in CPUIn computing, almost every program is executed on the basis of some alternating cycle. Whenthese programs are being executed, sometimes waiting for the input and the output becomesinevitable. It occurs due to the differences between the CPU and the memory speed. CPU is ableto execute an instruction in shorter time. On the contrary, fetching data from the memory is amore time-consuming process. So, CPU needs to wait when the memory is fetching the data.During the time, the CPU remains idle. In other words, the waiting time and the CPU are wastedin the process. It makes the processes more time-consuming. Waiting for input and outputs forlong time affects the overall efficiency of the system. The scheduling solves the problem bykeeping different programs in the queue.

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