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Three Musketeers: Group Report for Software Engineering Workshop

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Added on  2019-09-23

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Read the group report for Software Engineering Workshop on Three Musketeers. Get insights on project and team management, analysis, design, evaluation, testing and profiling.

Three Musketeers: Group Report for Software Engineering Workshop

   Added on 2019-09-23

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4/7/20174121COMP: Software Engineering WorkshopTable of ContentsProject and Team ManagementTeam effectivenessGroup Working AgreementMeetings CatalogueCollaboration ToolsProject management / SDLC effectivenessIndividual group reflectionAnalysisFunctional and non-functional requirementsBrief User StoriesUse Cases and DescriptionsClient Consultations / response to feedbackDesignData Design (Class Diagram)Basic UI Designs / StoryboardingBehaviour Design (Object Sequence Diagrams)Evaluation, Testing and ProfilingEvidence of test-driven developmentEvidence of profilingThree Musketeers: Group ReportPinto, Leslie / Mhareb, Omar / Rizk, ZiadLIVERPOOL JOHN MOORES UNIVERSITY
Three Musketeers: Group Report for Software Engineering Workshop_1
Three Musketeers: Project and Team ManagementTeam effectivenessTo work effectively in our group, we have used a series of options to efficiently complete this project. This includes creating a Group Working Agreement and following the rules we set in it (apartfrom making changes that are agreed upon by all members). Furthermore, we have made use of the online collaboration service “Trello” for assignment management, ad-hoc messaging via Google Gmail and Google Drive for data storage. As part of the actual development structure, we used systemic software development practices, and worked to keep as much communication as we could.Group Working AgreementTeam name: Three MusketeersTeam members:Leslie Pinto, Omar Mhareb, and Ziad RizkStrengths and WeaknessesLeslie: I have studied and used HTML & CSS for designing websites, utilizing “WordPress” CMS, and XAMPP (FileZilla FTP, Apache server). I am trained to CCNA standards, including routing, switching, and working with each layer of the OSI & TCP / IP model. I have experience with using JAVASCRIPT for making android applications, compiling firmware from source using terminals programs, and experience using java and eclipse to make java applications. I have a good understanding of programming languages and theory but I am not very proficient in any give one.Omar: I have a good knowledge of java and eclipse. I’m good with report writing and diagrams making. I’m good in coding java but a very skilled.Ziad:I’ve got a good background in SE principles (Diagrams) and problem solving. I can do a report and I’m good in planning for the work. Eclipse is the only programming language that I used, I can use it but I’m not very good in it.Meetings SectionAvailability: Each member will make their best efforts to attend scheduled meetings and group sessions. If unable to, then the appropriate actions should be taken to inform each other member, and to plan for rescheduling.Meetings: Each meeting will be scheduled in consideration of each members’ availability. Initially this will be for a fixed time slot, for which every member attends. Ad-hoc: Each member will make use of collaborations tools (Trello, Google Drive) and communication tools (Slack & Facebook) to keep each other aware of all relevant activity. 1
Three Musketeers: Group Report for Software Engineering Workshop_2
Quoracy: if one member can’t make it to a meeting, the rest of the team will continue current tasks and will have the right to make primary decisions until that member returns. Agenda: All details to be discussed in each meeting will be recorded into a suitable document, and referred to on the start of the meeting. Any changes to this document will be discussed with each member before the meeting commences.Absences Section:Each member from the group is expected to alert other members of being absent, prior to attending scheduled meetings. In the event a member is absent, the remaining members should update that member with status reports of any progress made, and future tasks to focus on. Changing the agreement/ Conflict resolutionIf a member of the group would like to make any alterations to this agreement, a vote will be done between all members. If a given member is not present, the remaining members will make the final decision and consult the third member with details of the change.Criticism and reviewing others’ workEach team member is entitled to their own point of view, which will be respected and appreciated. Any decisions or actions taken will be in accordance to the Group Working Agreement. Bullying and misconductEach member will follow social conduct and provide a safe atmosphere that encourages group members to work with one another. This includes no form of harassment, bullying, judgement and respecting other members’ contributions and opinions.Meetings CatalogueSprint Meeting LogNumberLocationDateStart TimeEnd TimeMembersPresent1Avery Library30/01/1711:30 am12:30 pmAll2Avery Library07/02/1711:30 am12:30 pmAll3Avery Library23/02/1711:00 am12:00 pmAll4James ParsonsBuilding06/03/1711:00 am12:00 pmAll5James ParsonsBuilding23/03/1711:30 am12:30 pmAll6James ParsonsBuilding29/03/1711:10 am12:10 pmAll2
Three Musketeers: Group Report for Software Engineering Workshop_3
Consultation Meetings Log(Omar and Ziad - Add details)NumberLocationDateStart TimeEnd TimeMembersPresent1James ParsonsBuilding06/0210:0010:15Omar and Ziad2James ParsonsBuilding10/02/20171:001:30Leslie and Omar3James ParsonsBuilding24/03/20171:302:00Leslie and Omar4James ParsonsBuilding03/04/201710:3011:00All memberspresent5James ParsonsBuildingScrum Meeting Log(Omar and Ziad - Add details)NumberLocationDateStartTimeEndTimeMembersPresentNotes89+51James ParsonsBuilding30/01/201712:1512:30All members2James ParsonsBuilding31/01/20173:303:45All members3James ParsonsBuilding02/02/201712:3012:40All members4James ParsonsBuilding03/02/201711:3011:45All members5James ParsonsBuilding06/02/201711:4512:00All members6James ParsonsBuilding10/02/201711:4512:00All members7James ParsonsBuilding13/02/201711:1511:35All members8James ParsonsBuilding14/02/20173:303:50Omar andLeslie9James ParsonsBuilding15/02/201711:4012:00All members10James ParsonsBuilding16/02/201712:1512:35All members11James ParsonsBuilding17/02/20172:202:40All members12James ParsonsBuilding27/02/201711:1011:25Omar andZiad3
Three Musketeers: Group Report for Software Engineering Workshop_4
13James ParsonsBuilding28/02/20173:403:55All members14James ParsonsBuilding02/03/201712:2512:40All members15James ParsonsBuilding08/03/201711:2011:40All members16James ParsonsBuilding10/03/201712:401:00All members17James ParsonsBuilding14/03/20173:403:55Omar andLeslie18James ParsonsBuilding17/03/201712:1012:30All members19James ParsonsBuilding20/03/201711:4512:00All members20James ParsonsBuilding21/03/20173:303:50Ziad andLeslie21James ParsonsBuilding22/03/201711:2011:40All members22James ParsonsBuilding27/03/20171:151:30All members23James ParsonsBuilding24James ParsonsBuilding25James ParsonsBuildingProject management / SDLC effectivenessSprint PlanningFor each Sprint meeting, each user would take on the role of either: Scrum master, Product Owner and the Scrum team member. For the following meeting, we worked in accordance with the below product backlog for half way into the project development, but our agile development team was not fully structure as much. This was due to a difference in capabilities in some aspects of the project.Product BacklogIDStoryEstimationPriority2As a user, I want to be able to scroll to the next title.113As a user, I want to be able to scroll to the previous title.124As a user, I want to be able to scroll through all channels inthe up direction.134
Three Musketeers: Group Report for Software Engineering Workshop_5
5As a user, I want to be able to scroll through all channels inthe down direction.147As a user, I want to be able to search for a specific title, andsee its channel id, description, start time and end time.256As a user, I want to be able to search for all matches to aspecific title, and see its channel id, description, start timeand end time.2610As a user, I want to be able to schedule a title I find througha search to a schedule list.3711As a user, I want a scheduled title to be tagged to show itsstatus of being scheduled for future recording.488As a user, I want to see if a given title is a part of a series.399As a user, I want to see what time the next episode of atitle in a series will start.4101As a user, I want all titles in the viewpoint to be displayedin a grid.111Sprint Meeting 1: ScheduleDate of meeting: 30/01/17 - All group members present.Start time: 11:30 am / End time: 12:30pmOverviewChoose and plan the product development systemIt has been decided that an agile development method will be used for this project. We will utilize the Scrum Master practice of the agile process, and switch roles each week to adhere to the project specification.Create Sprint sessionsSprints meetings will be held every Wednesday with all team members present to proceed. The time slots agreed by each use will be kept up to date via the timetable excel document. Revisions to scheduleSprint no.2 will be rescheduled from 08/ 02/ 2017 to take place on 07/ 02/ 2017.Assign each member to a roleLeslie will be the scrum master for the first week of development.Omar will handle Timetable for week 1, including status reports via agreed methods.Ziad will be a developer.Assign each member their task until next Sprint As a group, we suggested that Ziad should focus on studying Java tutorials, since he stated he does not feel skilled in coding. I will start the initial source code and Omar will start writing the initial documentation. We will all work towards completing the basic criteria of the application initially, and then progress development then onwards.5
Three Musketeers: Group Report for Software Engineering Workshop_6

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