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Running head: HUMAN RESOURCEHuman Resource MetricsName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
2HUMAN RESOURCEUsing the following template, create a HR scorecard for the company that you have been examining this term:HR SYSTEMALIGNMENTImplementation of the HR system isnot sufficient but also the alignment ofthe system is necessary to maintainthe sustainability of an organization(Marler & Boudreau, 2017). In thecontext of Starbucks to get asuccessful alignment it is important tolink the internal system with theexternal system of the human resourcemanagement. However, for asustainable business it is important tomake a balance between the internaland external system in the HRdepartment. In the context ofStarbucks they keep a resemblancebetween the store growth and the salesof the stores. Starbucks needs to alignthe recruitment rate with the retentionrate of the employees. However, if therecruitment is high but the retentionrate is low in this organization thenthere is no benefit can be observedand it will affect the sustainability offthe organization. It is crucial forStarbucks to address the businessimperatives according to the changingdemand of the customers.HR DELIVERABLESIn order to achieve the goals and objectives of Starbucks the HR departments aretryingto deliver the supporting actions to develop a competitive advantage in theorganization. This competitive advantage is the response against the risk factors ofthe competitors (Rees & Smith, 2017). Assessment of the deliverables enables theHR and the business partners of the Starbucks to lead the organization in a rightdirection to achieve the sustainable growth. For this purpose this organizationintroduces the talent identification and the training program. This enables thepartners of Starbucks to distribute the organizational goals and the objectivesamong the different segments of the operational areas. Based on the sales revenueof Starbucks it can be said that customer service is the key element of suchorganization to survive in the competitive market. One of the major risk factors ofStarbucks is the alternative product by its competitors. However, the competitorsoffer quality beverage at low price which may affect their customer loyalty. As adeliverable, Starbuck is focusing on the continuous recruitment, training andemployee retention program. This ensures the brand loyalty of such organization.Involvement of the employees and the customers to share their ideas as well asfeedback in the business model is another effective approach of Starbucks toenhance their employee and customer loyalty and the employee engagement.Starbucks acts as the personnel-oriented business from the every step of theirsupply chain management that is from collection of coffee bean to the experienceof the customers.HR EFFICIENCYSuccess of an organization depends on theefficiency of the HR in an organization.However, the HR has to manage the workforcealong with the organizational performance(Rothenberg, Hull & Tang, 2017). In thecontext of Starbucks their HR system is well,which includes many policies for thedevelopment of the personnel and theorganization. The HR focuses on the employeedevelopment policy, which includes thetraining process of the employees after theirselection. In order to get competitiveadvantage Starbucks give their concern in theselection process as it helps them to select rightperson for the right designation. On the otherhand, the HR is developed reward policy tomotivate the employees based on theirperformance. This is another area of thegaining sustainability in the business.IMPACTProper human resource managementalong with maintaining HPWS, HRsystem alignment, HR deliverablesand HR efficiency leave a greatimpact on the Starbucks. This leadsthe organization to develop asustainable business in the globalmarket by gaining the competitiveadvantages. Therefore, it is alsobeneficial for this organization toenhance the customer loyalty andemployee retention by motivatingthe employees with giving financialand non-financial award. Apart fromthis, human resource managementand HR policies are significant forthe organizational performanceenhancement (Rees & Smith, 2017).HIGH PERFORMANCE WORKSYSTEMStarbucks is a good example of how anorganization uses their human resources tocatalyst the growth in the global market.The main business objectives of Starbucksare to manage labor cost and benefits anddevelopment of the good licensingopportunities (, 2018). Theseobjectives are beneficial for thisorganization to bring sustainable growth.However, high performance work systemor HPWS is effective to facilitate thebusiness strategies in an organization .Starbucks utilize the HPWS by developinga linkage to the revenue activities, whichenhances the financial performance of thisorganization (Becker, Huselid&Ulrich, 2001). The elements of HPWSenable Starbucks to improve its strategy.HPWS is associated with the feedback,ownership and empowerment. These assistthe internal commitment within thisorganization. Such internal commitmentenables an organization to establish aspecific working culture that empowers theemployees and facilitates the ownershipprocess (Massoudi, Jafari-eskandari&Aliahmadi, 2017). HPWS of Starbucks isassociated with the appraisal system thatenhances the accountability and awarenessamong the employees. However,application of HRWS in Starbucksgenerates a positive environment andmeaningful work experience by developingthe self actualization and self-motivation.Hence, such employee motivation leads thisorganization to achieve sustainable growth.However, to enhance the organizationalperformance and to achieve the sustainablegrowth Starbucks HR department shouldfollow the HPWS properly as it is aneffective approach to motivate theemployees highly.
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