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4PSYC006W Individual Differences Assignment

Added on -2019-09-18

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4PSYC006W.1: Individual DifferencesPortfolio CourseworkStudent ID: [your ID number]Semester 1 2017/18Word count: [add word count]
Part 1Enter Below your scores from Blackboard. (not included in word count)TB-FFI Scores: FactorI (E)II (A)III (C)IV (N)V (O)Mrs A3933331140Mr B2828352133Mrs C2228342332PRT ScoresFactorVerbalNumericalMrs A1610Mr B1212Mrs C10171.1.Narrative Report For A- TB-FFI Score interpretationMrs. A has a higher score in extroversion factor which is falling in “Very high’ category. The womanis found to be more social. At times, she can be assertive in nature. This is also indicating theenthusiasm and energy which she can bring in job. She is also found to be outgoing. In matter ofagreeableness, she is trustworthy, modest, compliant, tender minded and generous to a larger extend.She is also self-disciplined, dutiful and not impulsive in nature which we can find from herconscientiousness score. The neuroticism score is very low so it is indicating that she is less anxious,shy, moody, under confident etc. She scored high in openness which is telling her unconventional andimaginative nature. [Barrick, M.]PRT Score
Her verbal ability score is high which is indicating she has good command over reading, writing,speaking and vocabulary use in English. She is quite average in numbers and logical relationships. For B- TB-FFI interpretation Mr. B has scored average in extroversion which is indicating us that he is quite enthusiastic, assertive,gregarious but not much outgoing or outspoken. In case of agreeableness, he scored average againwhich means he is trustworthy, modest and straightforward to a certain extent. He seems to bedutiful, organized, efficient, self-disciplined as he scored pretty high in conscientiousness. Hisneuroticism score is falling under very low which means he is not moved by emotion and stress. Heseems to be open minded towards education, culture and change.PRT Score His verbal ability score is above average which means he is quite good at communication skill. Hemay not be fluent but his understanding and verbal reasoning ability seems good. In case ofnumerical, he is an average person regarding calculation, mathematical skill application in work.[Hurtz, G. M.,et.al2010]For C TB-FFI interpretation Mrs. C is scoring average in extroversion thus she can be bracketed in those category people whospeaks only when they are expected to or said to speak. She may be enthusiastic and assertive but notmuch outgoing. She seems to be not much social as she scored average in agreeableness that meansshe is more of herself and takes decision on her own instinct. She may be modest and trust worthy butstraight forward. She has a high conscientiousness which means she is methodical, organized anddutiful. Her neuroticism score is low thus she is emotionally strong and able to face stress. She isquite average in openness to new experience, knowledge, skill, culture etc. PRT score She scored average in verbal proficiency so she may be at writing and verbal reasoning but notoutspoken in nature. Her numerical ability is above average which indicated she is good at calculationand solving logical reasoning. 1.2.Job Analysis For the job profile- Data Analyst

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