RocketSpace's Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses


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1About RocketSpace Inc. Rocket Space as a business entity has some specific competitive strengths that have the potential to transform the firm into an industry leader. But the passage to such a success has been complicated by certain weaknesses that have hindered the process of identifying distinctive competencies on the part of Rocket Space’s management. RocketSpace has gradually gained prominence since its inception in 2011. A global ecosystem of people and ideas, RocketSpace provides the essential velocity to help the world’s pioneer innovators in bringing the future to the present markets (Rocketspace, Inc., 2017). The company’s global network of technology operates across Asia, Europe and Australia (Rocketspace, Inc., 2017). The primary objective of the workforce and teams of RocketSpace is to reach out to and help tech start-ups (Rocketspace, Inc., 2017). It is to be noted that “RocketSpace’s Corporate Innovation Services team helps fuel global brands’ innovation programs by tapping into the ecosysmet of start-ups from around the world” (Rocketspace, Inc., 2017). An SWOT analysis of RocketSpace has the potential to prove thoroughly and evidentially to help the company experience and sustain success in the long-run (Rocketspace, Inc., 2017). The business capacity and the capacity to serve the clients and customers effectively are the two primary strengths of the company. Apart from the aforesaid, the huge experience that the company has in dealing with multiple clients and innumerable customers. In comparison with some of its competitors it has been observed that from the perspective of client handling, the company is a bit above the averages occurring within the industry. The company, till date, has served more than “a thousand high-growth tech start-ups and 170 corporate brands from around the globe” (“We’ve Worked With”, 2017). This has added to the company’s market reputation and revenue base.
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2Regarding the weakness of the company it must be said that it has, till date, not been thoroughly successful in capturing the arena of small businesses that are successfully and alarmingly implementing small-sized solution-based tech tools to strike a balance in their energy consumption. Despite having some specific witnesses, RocketSpace still is possessed of certain scopes and benefits. The company still has ample scopes to emerge as the industry leader through the fostering of more connections with corporate innovators and industry thought leaders, and the establishment of such connections can provide more chances of collaboration to the management of the company. Also, the company has the opportunity to grow its networks globally having the experience of working in a global business atmosphere.But it must also be noted that the volatility of the tech economy and markets can be one of the greatest threats to the company. Moreover, the company has to face the challenges posed by an industry which is quickly evolving, providing chances for the new entrants to capture the market with smarter innovations (“Case Study: Schneider Electric”, 2017). The random deployment of “smart” solutions by key players in different industries should also be considered as a threat to RocketSpace (“Case Study: Schneider Electric”, 2017). There are certain competencies that have helped RocketSpace in sustaining its position as a key player within the industry, now for long. In the sphere of programming, consulting, and office-as-a-service, RocketSpace has continued to prove its efficiency and this must be considered among the company’s distinctive competencies (RocketSpace is a technology campus located in the heart of San Francisco”, 2015). Moreover, the selected members and alumni of the company, including Uber, Supercell, Spotify, Accenture, Weebly,Practice Fusion, Schneider Electric, Converse, and British Airways, Goodyear, Tata Communications, Samsung, AT&T, etc have contributed to the enhancement of the company’s market reputation and public image, which, in turn, has added to its scopes of enriching its distinctive competencies.
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