American Leaders of 21st Century: Assignment Paper

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Running head: AMERICAN LEADERS OF 21ST CENTURYFACT PAPERAmerican Leaders of 21st Century
1AMERICAN LEADERS OF 21ST CENTURYThe pioneers of twenty first century use and implement the administration that they identify,refine, develop, implement and enhance for serving everyone more viably. In short, they are theleaders who provoke, incite and rouse the activities and considerations of the devotees inconjunction with acclimation of statement and vison of purpose. Taking Initiative is not possiblewithout an authoritative vision as well as a reason for creating and developing enthusiasm for theachievement. The innovators are forced by the admirations for the individuals and not because oflongingness for being great irrespective of the way they are being criticized or appreciated. IntroductionIn the following paper, the leadership abilities and administration style of three AmericanBusinessmen of 21st Century has been analyzed, differentiated and assessed. Besides, it will alsohighlight the individual major meetings that were held with Amy Buckner, CEO of Answer Lab,Marc Katz and Mark Zuckerberg to discover their perspectives over the aptitude ofadministration that are needed for 21st Century.Who are Business Leaders of 21st Century?Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in the year 2004 which is an Online Site for InterpersonalCommunication. The Assessed Income of Facebook in the year 2014 was nearly 14 Billiondollars with approx. 12690 workers (Kirkpatrick, D. 2012). In the year 1999, Marc Katzdeveloped a website called Custom Ink Tyson’s Corner which is a web based pioneer of attireand handcrafts located in America (CustomInk, et al., 2017). Answer Lab by Amy Buckner issituated in San Francisco which is a global leader to give access to a small portion of the drivingexamination of world to the client. Its aggregated annual income is nearly 8 billion dollars withnearly 36 workers.
2AMERICAN LEADERS OF 21ST CENTURYSimilarities between viewpoint and initiatives by all leaders of 21st CenturyIn the discussion that involved a fruitful aptitude and learning of authority of 21st century whichis customized as per present business era, these leaders sum up that all the upcoming leaders ofbusiness identify an innovative approach towards life and their leadership by conducting newand unique things which involves setting up the motivation for development of an individual.Amy Buckner, Marc Kurt and Zuckerberg identify and search out for the ways that may causeindividual improvement and benefits. Zuckerberg needs a style of administration whichhighlights the social responsibility and engagement with partners. According to Zuckerberg,Facebook was not meant to be operated as an organization (Parandker, S. R., 2014, April). It wasestablished as a social mission for making the world associated and more open. Marc Katz, being the father of Custom Ink who makes transformational variations in theorganization is known to be a brand (Forbes Welcome. 2017). These three organizations have acommon style of authority which deals with the representatives. The Custom Ink culture offersfree snacks and lunch to their workers. This organization operated by Marc Katz is great toadminister which draws in the quality of staff. Administration of Facebook by Marc Zuckerbergfollows a culture and people first strategy. According to him, the CEO or any leader must holdthe top level staff by offering high value to the employees as well as monetary rewards whichpull in all the capable and smart experts’ ad specialists from all over the world. Theseorganizations share global objective and vision for offering the goods to people all over theAmerica. Answer Lab offer its customers knowledge that may guide the leaders globally forresearching their information. Apart from that, Zuckerberg builds a workforce of 21st century andalso asks for zero flexibility for the sentiments of individuals along with meeting all the goals of

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